NEWS: THE DEAD CENTURIES – Release New Single/Music Video ‘Pop A Soda’ Feat. Guest Bassist Intervals’ Jacob Umansky

The Dead Centuries have a new standalone single out entitled “Pop A Soda”, it is the first track to be released from the band with guitarist Jacob McSheffrey as a writer. It’s the first step in the direction of more hook oriented, catchy songs. 

“We’re extremely excited to release this track as we feel it marks a big step forward in terms of songwriting, composition, playing, and production. We think the sonic depth in “Pop A Soda” is more interesting, ear-catching, and rewarding than previous efforts from the band, and we think listeners will love the caliber of this track. The inclusion of Jacob Umansky (Intervals/JIA) on bass brings another element to the track that helped us get closer to our vision.”

“Pop A Soda” was recorded in Jacob’s home studio, with the exception of bass, which was written and performed by Jacob Umanksy of Intervals. The band reached out to Jacob via email asking if he would provide bass for the track, sent the track over and what you hear on the track is the first take that he sent them. Jacob also provided a video clip of him playing a section of the track, which highlights his unique approach to playing bass.

The Dead Centuries released an EP in 2018, “Race Against Time” and in their opinion, this single is the best material the band has released to date. It is energetic, upbeat, and technical and builds upon the foundation of “Race Against Time” to add more melody, hooks, and catchy riffs, which is what fans have come to expect from The Dead Centuries.

More is to come from The Dead Centuries, as they plan to continue to release singles to keep new fresh music coming to fans, reflecting their ever-evolving approach to music and songwriting.

For fans of Intervals, Plini and Polyphia the video for “Pop A Soda” is on YouTube below:

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