NEWS: DÖDA HAVET – Brings Mythical Creatures To Life With New Single

Döda Havet is back with a new single from the upcoming album ’Tid och Rum‘. The second single “Arcana” is out June 26, 2020 and is a song filled with heavy guitars, drums, slow tempo song and deep mysterious lyrics. The vocals holds similarities to Maynard James Keenan (TOOL), while the music travels from post rock, to the heavy stonerock of Skraeckoedlan, and a more indie approach like Riddarna. The 80‘s synthesizers gently introduces you to the track, and constantly guides you through the journey of the song. ’Arcana‘ makes you crave for more, and leaves you hungry for more to come.

“Arcana is a tribute to the power of creativity and to those who create. Do we get any closer to magic than this?” – Döda Havet

After the acclaimed, eponymous debut record and a handful of live gigs the band have stayed away from the stages and instead fully indulged in the creative process with the goal to make a strong sequel.

The new album “Tid och rum” is filled with everything from soft piano melodies, heavy guitars, synthesizers, slow tempo vocals and mysterious lyrics that brings the listener on a fulfilled journey of different emotions.

Döda Havet convey their depiction of the reality we know mixed with their own experiences, on a framework of melancholy rock, which sometimes diverges into progressive parts.

Band members are Peter Garde Lindholm (guitar), Julia Stensland Vinrot (keyboard), Martin Pettersson (drums), Lawrence Mackrory (bass guitar) and Staffan Stensland Vinrot (vocals/guitar/songwriter).

Just like the debut, the album is produced by the bands bass player Lawrence Mackrory. The album artwork is created by Prakash Khatri Chhetri. 

“Tid och rum” is released by Gaphals on the 28th of August on Vinyl and Digital format. 

Find DÖDA HAVET on Facebook.

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