NEWS: STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – Launch Crew Support T-Shirt Campaign

The year 2020 will be forever imprinted in our memories as the year live music stopped. An abrupt and dramatic halt which saw band cancelling shows whilst on the road and postponing entire tours to the following year.
Aside from the bands themselves, the covid-19 pandemic affected, and continues to affect, tour crews. And at this point perennial punk rockers STIFF LITTLE FINGERS show their support and respect the their road members with an incredible initiative. The band launched an exclusive limited edition “Crew Support” t-shirt which is available through the band website here. 100% of profits from the sales will be given to their road crew to help them during these unprecedented times, until they can get back on the road.
Jake Burns comments: “Three dates into the usual U.K. March tour, the coronavirus impacted not just that, but the whole world. Initially, we thought this would keep us off the road for a couple of months at most. However, as we all know now, SLF will not be playing any shows until 2021 at the earliest. Obviously that is a blow to us as we now face a year with no real income, but we are not the only four impacted by this. Our tireless road crew also has an uncertain year ahead. When SLF aren’t touring these guys work with other bands. But when NOBODY is touring…well, you can work that one out. So we came up with this great looking t-shirt to raise some much needed cash for them to help during the pandemic. It’s a variation on both the “SLF 2020 Vision Tour” and “SLF Barrowland” shirts and features the crew on the front. Every penny of profit will go to the crew members and you get a smart looking and unique shirt. Win-win!”


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