NEWS: VOLCANOVA – Launch New Single ‘I’m Off’

Volcanova will release the single “I’m Off” Friday, June 26, 2020. Following “Sushi Sam”, released in May, “I’m Off” is the second single from the Icelandic stoner rock outfit’s upcoming debut “Radical Waves”, to be released August 21. With the single “I’m Off”, Volcanova hits the perfect middle ground between YOB- inspired psychedelic rock and high octane, fuzzy sludge.
Volcanova is back with a new single. The Icelandic power trio will release the single “I’m Off” June 26 on all digital platforms. “I’m Off” is the second single leading up to the band’s upcoming debut “Radical Waves”, out on The Sign Records August 21 on digital, vinyl, and CD format.
While starting off with a psychedelic, dreamy, and almost jam-like guitar riff laid down by Samúel Ásgeirsson, “I’m Off” soon shows it’s true face and turns into a full-blown mastodont of fuzzy sludge, with Drummer/vocalist Dagur Atlason shouting “We’re gonna keep you all night, you’ll never get out alive!”
Þorsteinn Árnason (Bass/Vocals) further explains the song:
“This is a song full of uplifting moments with epic guitar solos, underpinned by headbanging bass grooves! I’m Off is all about the fun and tells the story of how to keep the party going because for obvious reasons, life shouldn’t be boring, it’s a party.”
“I’m Off” will be released on all digital platforms June 26, 2020 and premiered by Outlaws of the Sun HERE:

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