NEWS: AINULINDALË – Back On Track With An Amazing Iron Maiden Cover Version

In the latest issue of the recently created Trollmusic TV format, label founder Thor and Thomas of the dark folk band AINULINDALË present an excerpt of the amazingly interpreted IRON MAIDEN classic “Wasted Years”.

Moreover, they reflect the early days of their cooperation and grant an insight into recent developments in the AINULINDALË camp. AINULINDALË’s debut album “The Lay Of Leithian” was the first TROLLMUSIC release in 2004 and has been cherished by music lovers with soft spots for the dark folk of Empyrium and Ulver as well as Tolkien fans who applauded the project’s interpretation of the mythic story of Beren and Luthien.

The already 7th issue of Trollmusic TV can be watched below:


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