NEWS: MASSIVE WAGONS – Release ‘The Curry Song’ As Instant-Grat

The Curry Song is a one-of-a-kind track. Catchy, hilarious and built for a live audience.  The trademark Massive Wagons sound is very much front and centre, however, heavier influences find their way in alongside the distinct 90’s Brit-rock vibes.

The “sing-along” gene is prominent in The Curry Song’s DNA, with a firm tongue-in-cheek call to action in the middle-eight, which is destined to become a live favourite. 

Massive Wagons spice up the track release by creating their very own curry spice blend, aptly named ‘Rogan Mosh’ and created with Mandala Express, based in Newcastle. In order to put the deliciousness to the test, Massive Wagons have planned a Live cook-along on Saturday 18th July with a professional chef for all to enjoy. All details are available here.

The Curry Song is truly original for the band, bold and perhaps a little daring,… it may be too hot for some too handle.

Instant-grat The Curry Song:
Apple Music:
Pre-orders are available here:

Photo Credit: John McMurtrie

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