NEWS: SHEZMU – Unearths Final Track ‘Lex Talionis’ From Debut Album

Canadian fierce doomy black/death mongers Shezmu’s debut album, À Travers Les Lambeaux, draws near to its release date. The album releases on July 29thunder the flag of Krucyator Productions.

Invisible Oranges is exclusively streaming the final track “Lex Talionis” from the Montréal trio’s upcoming full-length.

Shezmu comments:
“‘Lex Talionis’ is a praise to the ancient Babylonian law: an eye for an eye. It is a famous law code written by Hammurabi, sixth king of the Babylonian dynasty. The lyrics are about ancient retributive justice versus the complexity and sensitivity of our current system.”

Hear “Lex Talionis” AT THIS LOCATION.

Find SHEZMU on Facebook.

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