So the playlist is arriving a day early today so here’s the latest edition to help kickstart your bank holiday weekend.

There have been a lot of single and video releases in these past two weeks. These come from Powerwolf, UDO, Visions Of Atlantis, Eclipse, Reckless Love, Pyramaze, Nightmare and Ad Infinitum.

Unleash The Archers and Koncordia released new albums/EPs within those two weeks so expect to find songs from them on the list.

There have been birthdays in camp Tarja, Limp Bizkit, Sepultura, Europe, Judas Priest, Amon Amarth and Pentakill so there are classic songs from bands they are or have been part of.

It’s been a sad few days in the metal community, especially for fans of Power Trip. Their lead vocalist Riley Gale passed away a few days ago, our thoughts are with his family, friends and fans during this time. To honour his passing, there is a Power Trip song on the list.

The playlist ends with Delain’s We Are The Others. On Monday, it was the thirteenth anniversary of Sophie Lancaster’s passing and we all know this song was written in tribute to her.

That’s it for this playlist, see you on the next playlist.


Eleine – Memoriam
Saltatio Mortis – Kaufmann und Maid
Europe – The Final Countdown
Death Dealer – Sorcerer Supreme
Metallica – Sad But True
Iron Mask – Wild And Lethal
Majestica – Ghost Of Marley
Alice Cooper – Rock & Rolle
Snow White Blood – You Belong To Me
AC/DC – Witch’s Spell
MSG – Drilled To Kill
Pyramaze – The Time Traveller
Dark Sarah feat. JP Leppäluoto – Dance With The Dragon
Korpiklaani – Mylly
Iron Saviour – Souleater
SuidAkrA – Sheltering Dreams (Remastered)
Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos
Diamond Head – No Remorse
Edguy – Vain Glory Opera
Within Temptation – Stand My Ground

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