NEWS: SIDELINES – Drop Powerful New Single

Rising UK post-hardcorers SIDELINES have revealed their immersing new single, Hangman.

Fusing emotive drive with defiant belligerence, SIDELINES wear their hearts on their sleeves, producing a sound that deftly blends genres. By extracting influence from everyone from Architects, Taking Back Sunday, and Northlane through to My Chemical Romance, Being As An Ocean, and Underoath, the band’s reach and output is diverse.

Londoners SIDELINES are not afraid to prise open the envelope or speak up about social issues that weigh on their mind. The forthright trio have spent the past few years shaping their intoxicating sound and live set. With a wealth of material at their deposal and a strong desire to extensively tour whenever possible, SIDELINES’ guile, quality, and drive is destined to see the post hardcore crew stamp their imprint on the UK scene.

The rising threesome’s new single, Hangman, is an ideal showcase piece. It’s a muscular slab of metalcore laced with melancholy, raw passion, and an engulfing hook. The band remark about the track: “Hangman came from us as a band feeling both musically and politically frustrated. It touches on themes of class disparity, income inequality and the hypocritical nature of conservatism. It’s a call out song aimed at a culture of punching down at those that need an open hand, not a fist.”

The video can be viewed below:

Find SIDELINES on Facebook.

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