NEWS: STEELSWARM – Release Lyric Videos For Each Song Of Their Album

Sydney progressive rock trio SteelSwarm masterfully create daring music of epic stature. After releasing their debut album Aspects of Dissonance digitally on 6 August 2020, the band has now released lyric videos to every song on the album. Check them all out at their YouTube Channel.

Singer Dane Simms says about the single Future Gods (see video below): “Future Gods is a piece that reflects the idea that humanity is living it up as the ‘Future Gods’ of this planet, while the earth is burning down, in terms of environmental impact.” He explains further how this song is his personal favourite off the album. “It goes through many points of interest, which is important to me as a listener. It tells a complicated musically story as well as a spoken one, which is something we try to do in the song writing process also.” SteelSwarm want to take people on a journey and give them something new and exciting to listen to.

Find STEELSWARM on Facebook.

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