ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramid – Gold Tooth

Ladies and gentlemen! Lend me your horns for the golden metal triumph that will have you reaching for your air guitar PYRAMID hails from New York USA and formed as a project band in 2017. Their discography includes their 2017 release Mi Rage and their latest album Gold Tooth was the second release. PYRAMID recorded … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramid – Gold Tooth

ALBUM REVIEW: Soulsplitter – Salutgenesis

Come one come forth to sample this phenomenal, majestic and ear pleasing triumph that is SOULSPLITTER. I see that now I have your attention. I was given the opportunity to review this album, different from my usual taste. SOULSPLITTER hail from Germany and they started their journey to create their debut concept album Salutgenesis. It … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Soulsplitter – Salutgenesis

ALBUM REVIEW: Tillian – Lotus Graveyard

TILLIAN are a progressive rock band who formed in 2014. They are from Tel-Aviv Israel and are influenced by the bands PAIN OF SALVATION, ARYEON and Kate Bush. The band released their debut album Lotus Graveyard on April 20th 2019. The album has eleven songs. Below is a breakdown of each of these tracks. Reborn … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Tillian – Lotus Graveyard

ALBUM REVIEW: Giant Dwarf – Giant Dwarf

Aside from having a name that makes me chuckle, GIANT DWARF were formed in Perth, Australia and comprise of Aaron Soppo (Vocals), Luke Drag (Drums and Percussion), S John Paterson (Bass), Rick (Guitar and Sitar) and Russ Tee (Guitar and Didgeridoo). Their members have played with such acts like Nick Oliver (QUEENS OF THE STONE … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Giant Dwarf – Giant Dwarf

Album Review: Condition Red – Illusion Of Truth

It sometimes happens with every record; you buy it and press play not knowing what to expect. The same can be said with the album ‘Illusion Of Truth’ by Scandinavian Progressive Rockers CONDITION RED, within the first few seconds of this record you can hear beauty and spontaneity. This continues throughout the record. They first … Continue reading Album Review: Condition Red – Illusion Of Truth