NEWS: ELDERSEER – Release Video For ‘Bind Us As One’

Elderseer, the lords of pagan doom release the title track of their EP, Bind Us As One. A blend of lyrics, live images and stunning natural imagery this clip captures the spirit of Elderseer – the mournful, stately progress, the delicate, echoing guitar notes that provide a fragile counterpoint to the gargantuan riffs and thundering drums, the raw, grim vocals that perfectly enunciate the emotive lyrics.

‘Bind Us As One’ is an anguished plea, a cry from the bleeding heart of the land, a glimpse of the ancient powers that reside there. The combination of live footage and evocative images of nature shines a light upon the soul of Elderseer – captives of modern society, yearning for the hillsides and forests.

Watch the video below:

Find ELDERSEER on Facebook.

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