Winter is coming and so is the end of another month, which can mean only one thing. Rock Out Stand Out team members revealing their albums of the month, here’s what our team members chose.

Jacob: The Pogues – Rum Sodomy & The Lash

Rum, Sodomy& The Lash is an iconic album for a reason. It’s home to so many classic POGUES songs that are a bit silly. It features The Old Main Drag, Sally Maclennan, Dirty Old Town and a dash of comedy in the Gentleman Soldier; it’s a brilliantly rounded release.  It contains high energy to the last instant but varying from aggressive to mellower ballads, it shows the talent of MacGowan and associates. 

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Martin: Rockabye Baby – Lullaby Renditions Of KISS

This month has brought a big change for me. I am experiencing fatherhood for the first time, it brings both its own set of rewards and challenges. Am I doing this right? Am I going to be a good enough Dad to my daughter?

I have always wanted to be a Dad and now I can share my insight and whatever wisdom I have with my daughter. Though she be tiny, she be fierce! She has already got her first album! Whilst it is not directly my favourite band, it is performed in such a manner that is light-hearted, relaxing and soothing too.

What can I say? This collection of classic KISS tracks done in a rendition so completely different is a mighty impressive work of art by ROCKABYE BABY! Twelve of the Hottest Band in the World’s best performed on xylophones and glockenspiels as opposed to the well known sound of an electric guitar and hard hitting drums.

This is my album of the month as we have constantly had it on (at all hours) since my daughter came into the world.

Remember Icy, Daddy loves you lots and is very proud that at only two weeks old you are a member of the KISS Army and in your own little way, rocking out with the best of us.

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Jack: Less Than Jake – Anthem

After a ridiculously busy, yet enjoyable return to work, an upbeat, high energy album was required!

With trumpets to fill anybody’s day with joy, LESS THAN JAKE’s Ska-Punk album Anthem is a must for when I need a boost under pressure or stress.

Fun and laughter all the way through this record! My three highest recommended tracks on the album are The Science of Selling Yourself Short, Look What Happened and That’s Why They Call It a Union.

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Lotty: Unleash The Archers – Abyss

As I write this, tighter lockdown restrictions have been put in place and there are talks of a potential second lockdown to curb the number of rising Covid-19 cases. It has taken a huge toll on my mental health and I know I am not the only one that is experiencing this. Last month, I reviewed the latest record from UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and I have not stopped listening to it since. It’s been out for over a month and already lost count how many times I have gone back to it. It gives me two feelings that I think are crucial and ones that I have found to be of help. It allows me to feel free and to escape, it takes you to a space wilderness as it tells you a tale. It helps me feel better, there is a great array of tracks that have often lifted my mood when I needed a boost. From start to finish, this album is a masterpiece and a possible contender for my album of the year.


Stefan: Cyhra – No Halos In Hell

With my favourite band AMARANTHE releasing their highly anticipated new album Manifest in less than a week’s time, I’ve been listening very heavily to Scandinavian bands and their music.

One of these bands have been CYHRA, one of my favourite bands and their album No Halos In Hell. Vocalist Jake E delivers fantastically well throughout with his signature vocal style. The two guitarists of the band, Jesper Strömblad and Euge Valovirta hit the awesome riffs and solos brilliantly too. I’ll also mention the exceptional drum work of German drummer Alex Landenburg.

The album has a brilliant mixture of songs, such as the very catchy and a crowd favourite Out Of My Life, which kicks off the album superbly. There are two powerfully driven ballads; Lost In Time and Battle From Within. Battle From Within delivers quite a personal meaning behind it. The album is filled with melodic and hook-laden songs too, such as Dreams Gone Wrong, Man Of Eternal Rain and Bye Bye Forever. The lyrics stand out really well throughout the album too, such as on the title track, “When there’s no angels to save you. There’ll be no stairway to your paradise”.

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Ashley: Fit For An Autopsy – The Great Collapse

I was never really a fan of FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY before I heard this album. But as of recently I have grown to love them. From not really being interested in them, to wanting to hear their entire discography. I still remember it like it was yesterday…

I jump into my friend’s car and he’s blasting out this song I’d never heard that’s just hit the chorus.


I instantly turn to him with gleaming eyes of surprise and “HOLY S**T!” uttered from my mouth.



It’s stunning. The guitar work on this album is absolutely crushes, also I think their message in the video adds so much weight to me. From start to finish this album is majestic.

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That’s what our team members have picked this month, what would you have chosen for your album of the month? See you next month.

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