COVID 19 isn’t going to stop the Halloween celebrations here on Rock Out Stand Out. To honour this much loved spooky holiday, a few of our team members reveal their favourite Halloween related albums. You can also listen to Lotty’s Halloween Podcast on Rhino Radio by clicking here.

Jacob: Nargoroth – Black Metal ist Krieg

Black Metal ist Krieg: A Dedication Monument by NARGAROTH is a tribute to Black Metal. It contains the song The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem, an account of the murder of ØYSTEIN AARSETH by VARG VIKERNESS

The album also features a song dedicated to former IMMORTAL and GORGOROTH drummer Erik ‘Grim’ Brødreskift. Entitled Erik, May You Rape the Angels which was written following Grim’s death in 1999. The release covers death, sorrow, anger and pain. It is based in reality, and sometimes there is nothing more horrifying.

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Lotty: Ghost – Meliora

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. Imminent scares around the corner that give me a logical reason for anxiety to kick in, I love to dress up and scary films are a good go to for this sort of thing. So, my album of the month to tie with this month’s theme is Meliora by GHOST. I admire GHOST, I love the contrast between their complex, mysterious persona and their brilliantly, straight the point music. They have been around for over ten years and I am only just finding out what their lead singer Tobias Forge looks like, until then I have known him as either Papa Emeritus or Cardinal Copia. He wears a mask for both characters. I am always on the edge of my seat when listening to their music and from start to finish, Meliora instils this same feeling. From the sinister opening notes of Spirit to the uncertain yet solid conclusion in Deus In Absentia, you are treated to a journey that has you on edge. My favourite tracks on this include Spirit, Cirice, He Is, Majesty and Absolution.

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Martin: Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare

“Welcome to my nightmare, I think you’re gonna like it…” so starts the descent into the nightmare realms that follow.

Welcome To My Nightmare was Alice Cooper’s first solo album after breaking up from the Alice Cooper Band in 1974. It is a concept album that follows the journey through a nightmare of a child named Steven. Steven is also referenced in numerous other Alice Cooper songs such as Wind Up Toy (from Hey Stoopid album), the albums Along Came a Spider and the concept album sequel Welcome 2 My Nightmare.

The album features a monologue from horror legend (and my favourite actor) Vincent Price who also contributed to the inspired ALICE COOPER: THE NIGHTMARE TV special where Alice portrays Steven trapped within his own nightmare. The album is one of my favourites by ALICE COOPER  and features lots of stand out tracks such as Devil’s Food,  The Black Widow, Department of Youth and the poignant ballad Only Women Bleed.

For me, the album is a quintessential amalgamation of horror and hard rock, indefinitely influencing many artists over the decades since it was unleashed.

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Stefan: Amaranthe – Manifest

AMARANTHE have more than excelled on Manifest as it’s at the very least a masterpiece of powerful positivity and energy. The album kicks off perfectly with Fearless and has the most diverse range of songs that the band has ever done, ranging from the explosive BOOM! and the beautiful collaboration on Strong between Elize Ryd and BATTLE BEAST’s Noora Louhimo to the heart racing Adrenaline and the truly specially emotional heartfelt ballad on the album Crystalline.

However in the “spirit” of Halloween, I feel the song best suited for the occasion is Archangel. As not only does the song itself have all of the characteristics of that iconic AMARANTHE sound but the song also introduces myself and other fans to a new unexplored Gothic side of themselves as the song based on the fall of Lucifer Morningstar.

Archangel is one of those songs that I love everything about it, from Elize’s heavenly harmonisation on the bridge and Henrik ‘GG6’ Englund’s furious growls to the amazing outfits as well as visuals on the music video and THAT chorus is purely awesome with its catchy gothic/pagan/ritualistic feel. “Archangel rise. The trinity has synchronized. A remedy for humankind. Archangel has fallen down. Against the odds. We bring a bloodless sacrifice. From hell on Earth to paradise. Archangel has fallen down.”

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What albums or songs get you in the mood for Halloween? Let us know, Happy Halloween.

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