ALBUM REVIEW: Mors Principum Est – Seven

Formed in Finland in 1999, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have been a long standing talisman in the Melodic Death Metal scene. Up there with other big names such as, INSOMNIUM, DARK TRANQUILITY, OMNIUM GATHERUM, and SOILWORK but to name a few. MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have been blessing us with a mixture of atmospheric and technical creations for many years. (Most of which I can say I’m a very big fan of. But I will try to remain unbiased. Hopefully.)

To date MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have released three demos, six full length albums and four singles. Their newest album released this year is entitled Seven. To say I’m excited is an understatement having heard a song that was released early called Lost In A Starless Aeon but I will get to that shortly.

The album kicks off with A Day For Redemption and in classic fashion, it’s an orchestral and operatic build up. When the song takes pace, the riffs are very technical and choppy. A blistering overload of pure awesomeness, the vocals as per usual with MORS PRINCIPIUM EST compliment the backing very well. A rip-roaring opener.

Now, let me talk about Lost In A Starless Aeon. Prior to the album being released, this song was released on YouTube as a taster for what was to come. After hearing this song, I was licking my lips. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. The riffs are stellar and for a band who play in standard tuning Andy Gillion sure knows how to make it sound hellishly heavy!

There are just so many good songs back to back on this album. It gets to the point where they just speak for themselves. March To War into Rebirth are brilliant examples of why Melodic Death Metal is so likable. There is an onslaught of lush lead guitar work and melodies. This is matched with epic orchestral backing and vicious vocals.

In Frozen Fields follows and begins rather chaotically. But then the drums switch to a half-time beat and it all slots into place like a jigsaw. The nature of this song is moreish to say the least. If there’s anything MORS PRINCIPIUM EST do better than most Melodic Death Metal bands, it’s their take on guitar melodies and lead guitar work. It’s sublime to hear.

After this comes Master Of The Dead which is giving me massive Liberation=Termination-vibes at the start. Very fast and very aggressive, the pre-chorus here is glorious. A massive drum fill into a half-time switch just leaves me nodding my head with my chug face on. Love it.

As we reach the end stretch of the album you’re greeted with The Everlong Night and At The Shores Of Silver Sand. Which are swift in pace with more choppy and melodic riffs with added moments of epic orchestra. (I still can’t believe this band plays in standard. who ever needed a seven or eight string?)

The final song of the album is My Home, My Grave which brings you full circle with an epic orchestral opening, melodic chaos and chuggy goodness. It kicks in with a double-time part. Almost reminiscent of black metal before switching to a more straight forward tempo. The Pre-chorus and chorus in this song in particular might be my favourite on the album. It’s like your favourite chocolate bar. It’s absolutely moreish.

To conclude this album is absolutely stunning. To me it’s a showcase of why Melodic Death Metal is SO good. It has everything you would ever want to hear and more. I have listened to this band for a very long time I can confidently say this is their best work. Don’t be surprised when I pick this as my album of the year.

Rating: 10/10

Writer: Ashley Thompson

Seven is out now.


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