Next to reveal their top ten is Martin. Take a look and see what he chose.

2020 has been a strange year for all of us, luckily there has been plenty of music to keep us all going. Here are my chosen Top 10 Albums of 2020 ranked in reverse order, starting at Number 10 and counting down to Number 1.

10. Final Blast – Interplanetary War

FINAL BLAST is the masterful creation of Luke Robinson who composes epic symphonic compositions and plays everything, other than the drums and vocals which were done by Sam Paulicelli and Evgen Zoidze respectively. This year through crowdfunding, FINAL BLAST released their debut album Interplanetary War in August. If you can imagine WINTERSUN and NIGHTWISH colliding head on, with additional touches of Death & Thrash Metal, amidst being projected into the vast cosmos of space, that is where you will experience the triumphant majestical might of FINAL BLAST. All songs feature science fiction themes, and the term “Galactic Space Metal” is extremely fitting.

Find FINAL BLAST on Facebook.

9. Ensiferum – Thallasic

The sword bearing folk metal warriors ENSIFERUM released their new album Thallasic back in July and all tracks centred around being “related to the sea” as confirmed in an interview I did with vocalist and guitarist Petri Lindroos earlier this year. There are nine colossal tracks on this album including a continuation of the Väinämöinen saga explored on the bands self-titled album titled Cold Northland which has all of the style of some of the bands classic tracks from their back catalogue.  

You can read my review of the album here and my interview with vocalist/guitarist Petri Lindroos here.

Find ENSIFERUM on Facebook.

8. Corey TaylorCMFT

The SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR vocalist has well and truly done his own thing with this release from October. There are of course nods to both band’s, but this also channels elements of the classic American rock vibes of THE EAGLES amongst others. Corey Taylor has never been one to bow down to the general stipulations of pleasing the masses and there are a multitude of styles and genres featured within this phenomenal debut solo album. Words cannot do it justice, go on and give it a listen.

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7.  KiaraStoryteller

Storyteller is the debut solo album of IMPERIAL AGE’s Anna “Kiara” Moiseeva which was released as a Crowdfunder back in August. It features thirteen tracks of which four are alternative versions of tracks on the album but sung in Anna Moiseeva’s native Russian.  There are touches of Symphonic Metal throughout and it allows Anna to utilise her vocal range. A mesmerising and beautiful debut album.

Find KIARA on Facebook.

6. Firewind – Firewind

FIREWIND released their self-titled album back in May and this year marked 22 years of the bands existence. Channelling all of the fury of the birthplace of ancient history, myth and legend this album was always going to shine. Guitar virtuoso Gus G is totally on form throughout this album and is a true blend of classic heavy metal and modern-age power metal that everyone needs to bear witness to.

You can read my review of the album here.

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5. Aeternitas – Haunted Minds

Germany’s AETERNITAS released their new album Haunted Minds in November. This is full of Gothic Symphonic masterpieces which are heavily inspired by the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American author who primarily wrote dark romantic tales in the mid 1800’s. There are eleven tracks of haunting ethereal pieces featuring dual vocals from Julia Marou and Alex Hunzinger (who also plays guitar in the band).  If you are a fan of their other albums and/or Gothic Literature this album is for you!

Find AETERNITAS on Facebook.

4. Dakesis – Fractures

Birmingham’s prog-power metallers DAKESIS successfully released their third album via Crowdfunder this year back in March and were set to capitalise upon this momentum and bring Fractures to the masses with both UK and European tour dates yet sadly the global pandemic put this to a halt. They did however perform a couple of live sets throughout the year (including a virtual Power Metal Quest Fest which the band organise) which allowed them to play to a livestreamed audience and are currently in the middle of rescheduling the previous tour dates for next year. The album is steeped in mythological might and is easily an album one can return to time and time again.

You can read my review of the album here.

Find DAKESIS on Facebook.

3. Temperance – Viridian

Italy’s TEMPERANCE released their album Viridian back in January and for me this was a phenomenal release to bring in the New Year. Featuring a triple headed vocalist attack in the form of Michele Guaitioli, Alessia Scolletti and Marco Pastorino amidst melodic and symphonic compositions, this felt to me like a natural progression from their previous album.

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2.  Memories Of Old – The Zeramin Game

MEMORIES OF OLD released their debut album in September titled The Zeramin Game. It certainly flies the flag for Epic Symphonic Metal and stands tall amongst contemporaries from mainland Europe. If you have not had the pleasure of checking out this album yet, make sure you go and check it out! Featuring Tommy Johansson of SABATON and MAJESTICA on vocals you know you are in for a treat. This masterpiece is full of grandiose compositions by guitarist Billy Jeffs set in the land of Xia, of which this fantasy realm still has its share of stories to be told. Since witnessing the bands debut show at Power Metal Quest Fest last year I knew that this band were destined for greatness.

You can read my review of the album here.

Find MEMORIES OF OLD on Facebook.

NUMBER ONE: Ice Nine KillsI Heard They KILL Live!

This live album was released in October just before Halloween. Capitalising upon their success of The Silver Scream, ICE NINE KILLS released this live album featuring a multitude of songs from said album along with other killer tracks from their back catalogue. Hearing these live versions has resonated how much I have missed attending gigs this year. This band have totally embraced my love of all things horror since discovering them on a Halloween Spotify playlist last year of which I am certainly looking forward to seeing them live in person in the future!  

What are your Top 10 Albums of 2020?

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