ALBUM REVIEW: Dakesis – Fractures

Birmingham will always be on the map, thanks to being the birthplace of the metal scene. As industry boomed so did the genre. Exploding from the epicentre in magnitude, breaking the moulds and birthing the subgenres that we as fans are blessed with. Elements of these continue to be fused into new and exciting compositions, with this album leading the charge.

Fractures is the third full-length album offering from Birmingham based Prog-Power quartet DAKESIS and consists of nine tracks. The band are renowned for their electrifying shows, progressive narratives and magnificence which is reflected within this release.

The album was successfully Crowdfunded in less than 24 hours and in total hit 144% by the end of the campaign! This is a clear indication of the strong following the band have built up on the foundations from their previous releases since forming in 2008. I was really excited and privileged to be able to review this album in advance of the release date after contributing to the campaign.

Introductory track Eos is an instrumental piece that instantly conjures Greek or Celtic Mythological imagery. With Eos being a Titaness from Greek Mythology and Goddess of the Dawn, this is a fittingly titled track and anaphorically referencing previous release The New Dawn.

The next two tracks are Ends of Time Parts 1 and 2 which collectively come to eleven minutes:

Part 1 jumps straight in and sets the pace for the rest of the album, there are enchanting vocals from Gemma Lawler hypnotising the listener for certain until the ends of time itself.

Part 2 features plenty of quality guitar finesse from Matt Jones reminiscent of ‘90’s video game scores and has a strong SYMPHONY-X element about it.

Overthrown was the second single release of the album. It’s a sensual Symphonic Metal track. Whilst featuring divine drumming courtesy of Adam Harris crashing in like a tidal wave courtesy of Poseidon. An opportune track for one to bang their head to whilst getting lost in the tides of this battle themed track.

is Ancient Greek for “the right or opportune time for action” with the introduction to this reminding me of clockwork cogs it is a fitting title for the song. The use of lyrics as “when worlds collide, you know it’s do or die” also a reflects this theme. A powerful and fast paced track.

Surrender Your Fears
was the first single release and a real taster for the album. It is both big and brilliant. With lyrical content invoking primal and necromantic conjuring’s “recite these words when darkness comes” and “ancients awake in these dark catacombs” and features bombastic basslines courtesy of Amie Chatterley.

Hold Forever from the offset reminds of The Terminator theme colliding head on with the style of KAMELOT. Due to the use of symphonic elements blending with the pounding percussion introduction.  This is amongst my favourites of the release and also features some beautiful harmonising from the band.

For me, it seems Legacy In Memory would not be out of place on NIGHTWISH album Imaginaerum. It features plenty of piano with the band really kicking in as a whole towards the end of the track. The lyrics are really fitting too for our current situation around the globe “but no one knows, what the future holds

The title track
is an epic prog-power piece at over fifteen minutes long. It maintains the mythological aspects as referenced throughout the album. This track feels like an oracle is envisioning the future “every question is a crime to understand” through fractures into the astral or ethereal planes. It then poses as to how are we seeing ourselves in our current times: “we are made of stars, waiting to be known. Across celestial shores, are we still alone” What a grand finale this is!

This album is perfection personified. DAKESIS have certainly delivered and showed us that the birthplace of metal is still creating beautiful music and that they are flying the flag high for the UK scene.

This release is a must for fans of SYMPHONY X, NIGHTWISH, AYREON and KAMELOT.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

Fractures will be released this Saturday.

Find DAKESIS on Facebook.

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