Album Review: Ad Infinitum – Chapter II – Legacy

AD INFINITUM’s stunning debut Chapter I – Monarchy was released right around the time we went into a first lockdown, and it quickly became a solid favourite of mine. They are due to release their upcoming record Chapter II – Legacy and judging from the sounds of this majestic work of art, it’s safe to say long-time fans will not be disappointed and new listeners will be amazed they will have something new to add to their collection.

I often say the best opening tracks can lure you in and hit you with an impact simultaneously and Reinvented certainly does this. Right away you are treated to stunningly, delicate piano melodies and majestic riffs that pack a punch. You also get the first taste of Melissa Bonny’s impeccable vocal range from beautiful clear notes to prevailing growls and screams. It’s one of the best album openers I have heard for a long time.

Chapter II – Legacy is inspired by the life and afterlife of Vlad The Impaler also known as Dracula. As most of us know, there is a lot of drama and brutality within the life of this historical figure and the story of his afterlife really is something of wonder. Due to the wonderous majesty in the music arrangements and remarkable song writing capturing Vlad the Impaler’s history well, it’s clear that legacy is the right title for this next chapter. As stated in the press release; to some he was a hero protecting his land against the Ottoman Empire, to others he was a violent monster and to many he is the father of vampires. Below are a few examples of what this album has to offer and the best to illustrate these parts of his personality.

There is a doom/sludge like feel to the start of Afterlife which is a great build up the symphonic majesty that is to be bestowed upon us. This track features AMARANTHE/DYNAZTY vocalist Nils Molin, the duet between him and Melissa is something to be marvelled at. If this track were part of a film, I can imagine this is where Vlad the Impaler becomes Dracula after his death; all sorts of possibilities at his cold fingertips. Due to the flawless vocal harmonies and explosive musical arrangements, it is a track that will be remembered right on into the afterlife (see what I did there). It’s a personal favourite of mine on the album and I am very glad it’s been released as a single.

The start of Son Of Wallachia is very reminiscent of NIGHTWISH, in particular the song Sleeping Sun. That is down to the stunning melodies of a similar nature, not saying that’s a bad thing of course. It’s a soaring and heroic track that allows you to escape. The guitar work really shines through here. Vlad The Impaler was ruler of Wallachia and the stunning music does well to capture this ruler’s determination and bravery. A great example of representing the heroic side some people saw.

To say My Justice, Your Pain packs a punch would be a huge understatement and does well to emulate the brutality and violence he was known for. It’s the crashing wave that comes and sweeps everything within its reach whether you are ready for the ride or not. Given the title of this track, the emotions someone will be feeling are very well emulated here. Necks will be sore from headbanging, horns will be thrown and mosh pits will break out during this track at live shows.

Lullaby is the cinematic finisher that provides the perfect set up for the next chapter in the AD INFINITUM. It gives us one last blast of what the band are made of before rounding things off magnificently.

Stellar song writing? Check. Majestic melodies that will make your hair stand on end? Check. A sudden urge to learn more about Vlad The Impaler? Check. A huge desire to play the album on loop after the first listen? Most certainly.

With these in mind, it is more than safe to say that AD INFINITUM have delivered a masterpiece that will no doubt reinforce the statement they are rising stars in metal. Your undivided attention is mandatory for this record.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Chapter II – Legacy will be unleashed 29th October 2021 via Napalm Records.

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