We are presenting our last playlist of 2021 to you before closing up for the year. This is a mixture of top three/four albums and singles chosen by some of our team members this year.

Jacob’s albums choices include GOJIRA’s Fortitude, Ominous from LAKE OF TEARS, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY with their album Maere and SOEN’s Imperial. You can read more about it here.

Megan also chose GOJIRA’s Fortitude for one of her top albums. She chose that alongside TRIVIUM’s In The Court Of The Dragon, DIAMANTE’s American Dream and EMIGRATE’s The Persistence Of Memory. You can read about those and the rest of her top ten here.

Martin did a top ten for singles and albums post. His chosen singles come from POWER QUEST, ICE NINE KILLS and SLIPKNOT. For albums, he chose THERION’s Leviathan, FAELAND’s When I Close My Eyes and Resurrection Day by RAGE. You can read about what other albums he chose here and what other singles he chose here.

Lotty also did a post for both albums and singles. Her chosen top singles come from KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, MAJESTICA and ANGEL NATION. Her chosen top albums include AD INFINITUM’s Chapter II – Legacy, WINTERAGE’s The Inheritance Of Beauty and BLOODBOUND’s Creatures Of The Dark Realm. You can read more about her choices for albums here and her chosen singles here.

The playlist ends on a great cover from RUSSKAJA. They have recently released their own rendition of Last Christmas, this is worth sticking around for.

Thank you from all of us at Rock Out Stand Out for all your continued support, especially through these difficult times. We greatly appreciate it. We will be back to posting from 10th January 2022.

Happy Holidays and see you in the new year.


Gojira – Amazonia
Ad Infinitum – Inferno
Ice Nine Kills – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Majestica – Metal United
Emigrate feat. Til Lindemann – Always On My Mind
Slipknot – The Chapeltown Rag
Lake Of Tears – In Wait And In Worries
Therion – Psalm Of Retribution
Angel Nation – Fly Away
Kissin’ Dynamite feat. Charlotte Wessels, Guernica Mancini and Saltatio Mortis – Good Life
Faeland – End Of The Day
Bloodboud – Kill Or Be Killed
Diamante – Serves You Right
Power Quest – Bound For Glory
Trivium – Like A Sword Over Damocles
Winterage – The Mutineers
Rage – A New Land
Harakiri For The Sky feat. Neige – Sing For The Damage We’ve Done
Soen – Antagonist
Russkaja – Last Christmas

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