WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Martin’s Top 10 Singles 2021

Not only has there been an incredible amount of albums released this past year, there has been snapshots and teasers of things to come in 2022. Some singles work well as standalone pieces or add that final touch to an album. These songs have had a lasting impact and ingrained themselves in my psyche since discovering them throughout the year.

10. Gus G. – Enigma of Life.

This instrumental piece captures the essence of the late and great Eddie Van Halen (Respect The Wind) and is reflective, progressive and undoubtedly catchy whilst retaining a level of melancholy throughout.

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9. Temperance – Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal

Does exactly what the title says. TEMPERANCE once again utilise their trio of vocalists and successfully do their own thing. They are not bound by what the commercial norm is and this song imbues a sense of unity throughout.

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8. Zeal & Ardor – Bow

Bow is a single from the upcoming album MVKA which is due for release next year. Whilst retaining the style of African-American spiritualism with Black Metal it turns the established musical themes and turns them on its head brutally even though the song itself is only just over two minutes in length.

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7. The Rasmus & Apocalyptica – Venomous Moon

Venomous Moon is a melancholic track that covers the themes of isolation and being separated from the world. This was penned before the pandemic hit in full force so was inadvertently at a cataphoric reference of things to come. THE RASMUS and APOCALYPTICA have worked together prior to this release but it further shows how perfect this unison is.

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6. Ozzy Osbourne & Lemmy – Hellraiser 30th Anniversary Version

We have all heard Ozzy’s version. We have all heard Motorhead’s version. Now witness the splendour of both Ozzy and Lemmy trading vocals on this classic track.

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5. Feeder – Magpie

This track is incredibly heavy for FEEDER, I love the direction that they are going in with all of the recent single releases and highly anticipate their new album which is due for release in 2022.

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4. Dakesis – On Wings of Of Steel

This was released in honour of the 10th anniversary of the bands debut album Trial By Fire and is a mighty power-prog attack on the senses.

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3. Slipknot – The Chapeltown Rag

New SLIPKNOT is always going to be appreciated. This recent single feels like it could have easily featured on either of the first two major releases. The premise is partially based on the acts of Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper whose main hunting ground was a Leeds suburb called Chapeltown. Whilst the rest of the song deals with the manipulation of the media and how the truth gets filtered and then distorted from the truth.

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2. Power Quest – Bound For Glory

The UK Power Metal legends recently unveiled this new single which totally channels their classic works whilst highlighting that the current line-up is full of energy and is a great appetiser of what is to come from their new album which is currently in the works.

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NUMBER ONE: Ice Nine Kills – Can’t Help Falling In Love

This cover of the ELVIS PRESLEY track of the same name was done in a more macabre and sinister way and released just in time for Valentine’s Day! The accompanying music video is also delightfully horror fuelled and whetted the appetite in preparation for the release of Welcome To Horrorwood: The Silver Scream 2.

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