This edition of the playlist honours Mental Health Awareness Month. Choices have come from readers and band members, which can be found in Reader’s Choice by clicking here.

There are some songs from musicians who died by suicide, this includes a lovely tribute to Avicii from The Lounge Kittens. Fellowship released their single this week which ties in the the playlist perfectly as it’s about. Below are some words from our team members behind their choices.


A Splintered Mind by Lord Of The Lost really resonates with me lyrically and musically. Lyrically it cleverly takes us through what someone with ill mental health could be thinking when opening up to someone for the first time. Examples of these lyrics include “behind this shattered lens I see the world through” and “after all that I’ve been through, I try to hide my scars from you”.

Control The Storm’s Chaotic Mind perfectly depicts what someone with ill mental health is going through. I love how the minor tones represent the busyness and negative chatter that goes on. The major tones gallantly showcase rising up and being ready to fight when the mental demons next strike.

Kissin’ Dynamite track Good Life was released in the same week I caught COVID. It was on a day I was feeling particularly rotten with it, to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. The song helped cheer me up instantly. Kissin’ Dynamite are my go to band when I need a morale boost and this song is further proof of this.


Currently, Spillways by Ghost. Just a super happy song that always cheers me up.


For me; it’s mostly Brothers Of Metal. In particular One, Yggdrasil and The Mead Song. Also Nord Mead by Miracle Of Sound because it’s so bouncy.

When I am feeling particularly bad, it will be Way Of Vikings by Amon Amarth or Freedom Call’s Paladin.


I would like to suggest Helloween’s Best Time for the Mental Health Playlist. When I saw this live at the beginning of the month, it was so uplifting that the energy and positivity it gave off fuelled me up for the trip to work and back the next day.

What song would you have picked? Let us know in the comments.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 Playlist

The Lounge Kittens – Medley: A Vocal Tribute To Avicii
Die So Fluid – The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime
Edguy – Holy Water
Kissin’ Dynamite feat. Saltatio Mortis, Charlotte Wessells and Guernica Mancini – Good Life
Falling Red – In My Head
FACE UP! – Lost Control
Metallica – Until It Sleeps
Ghost – Spillways
Wintersun – Sons Of Winter And Stars
Linkin’ Park – One More Light
Freedom Call – Paladin
Rews – Love Hate Song
Lunar Shadow – Pretend
Relient K – (If You Want It)
Elvenking – Pagan Revolution
Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
Sabaton – Masters Of The World
Lord Of The Lost – A Splintered Mind
Miracle Of Sound – Nord Mead
Countless Skies – Zephyr
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Halestorm – My Redemption
Fellowship – Until The Fire Dies
Serenity – Lionheart
Control The Storm – Chaotic Mind
Caladan Brood – Echoes Of Battle
Amon Amarth – The Way Of Vikings
Eleine – As I Breathe
Warkings – Maximus
Brothers Of Metal – One
Helloween – Best Time

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