ALBUM REVIEW: Wind Rose – Warfront

Deep in the mines, metal dwarven clan WIND ROSE have been hard at work. Warfront is the latest treasure they are ready to share with long time members of their clan and new adventures eager to join. The hard work has paid off immensely with this record. Let me explain.

It starts of with Of War And Sorrow, it’s an epic instrumental that gets the listener ready to face battle. This smoothly transitions into Army Of Stone, given the instrumental before, I was expecting something a bit more climatic at first. It then picks up the pace when you hear Francesco Cavalieri’s mighty voice. It displays those grand choruses that WIND ROSE are very well known. The more I experience the track, the more I grow to like it.

Throughout the album you get a sense of feeling powerful and mighty whilst wanting to join in some merriment and party. That’s quite a balance to achieve which WIND ROSE manage to do and keep it going for the duration of the journey. Some examples of what I mean can be found below.

Fellows Of The Hammer is one of my personal favourites. If this was in a fantasy tale, this would either be taking place at a tavern or mess hall. Due to the merriment and comradery going on as they plan the next part of their quest. The Prancing Pony in Lord Of The Rings comes to mind here. The gallant beats and heroic melodies are the perfect backing for lyrics such as “Come, and gather with all of us” and “the clans are reunited in us”. Looking into the lyrics further, this could also be the song where the adventurers invite others to join in their quest. Either way, you will be stamping your feet and wanting to unleash your inner adventurer when you hear this track.

Gates Of Ekrund is bold, heroic and makes you feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way. Ekrund is a fallen dwarf hold in Warhammer that was claimed by orcs so the bravery and determination of the dwarves is communicated brilliantly through the powerful lyrics and majestic music.

When I first listened to One Last Day, I instantly wondered if Hans Zimmer had a hand at writing the orchestral parts. Due to the perfect balance between inner warrior and partying bard, this is another personal favourite track.  Within the lyrics, there is a powerful message about living every day like it’s your last, like these dwarves heading into battle.

Like the title suggests, I Am The Mountain mighty. From the lyrics, I understand it’s about carrying on through the storm and rising up to carry on, no matter what you have faced. You are the mountain; sturdy, strong and can face anything that comes your way. Musically, it gets the feelings of initial self-doubt and then the inner warrior coming out to take on what comes your way.

Tomorrow Has Come is a beautiful ballad that still sounds mighty. It’s a wonderful way to close the album and a wonderful way to slow right down after experiencing the mighty battle. It’s one you stop everything you’re doing and listen with your undivided attention.

Warfront is a triumphant journey from start to finish, the songs will be in your head for days from reading the titles alone after experiencing this record. Francesco mentioned in his interview with Rock Out Stand Out that this album was a gamble, it’s one that has paid off immensely.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Warfront will be released 10th June 2022 via Napalm Records.

Find WIND ROSE on Facebook.

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