WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Martin’s Half-Way Choices – Singles & EPs

To finish off my half way posts, here are some EPs & Singles that have made my year so far.

Imperial Age – The Way Is The Aim & Legend Of The Free

IMPERIAL AGE have not had the best start of the year, they were meant to start a rescheduled tour from before the pandemic and then on the back of that had to leave their homeland and move into the unknown by relocating to another country. However, all is not lost. The band have taken the most of the opportunity and are in the process of rescheduling the tour (European dates have already been confirmed with UK dates to follow) and have managed to relocate the majority of their merchandise and have started a new online store in order to continue promoting their own blend of Epic Symphonic Metal, raising funds to support the Ukraine and releasing two singles from their upcoming album.

The first single The Way Is The Aim can be interpreted as embracing new beginnings and making the most of our situation: “Once you have found a Path of your own, All things are helping you out.”

The second  release Legend Of The Free can be interpreted as pushing yourself and to be best version of you that you can be: “Beyond the bars, of its own little world, A million possibilities, Unfold…”

These are two very strong samples of what we can expect from the new album of which I am most certainly looking forward to hearing it.

Find IMPERIAL AGE on Facebook.

Prehistoria – Cursed Lands

PREHISTORIA are a five piece power metal band from America and this EP features four mighty tracks that has touches of thrash orientated yet melodic riffs. This is a monumental debut and I am very excited to see what comes next from the band.

Check out the track: Time

Find PREHISTORIA on Facebook.

Control The StormHolding Out For A Hero

I was very honoured that I got to witness the debut of this cover in the bands repertoire earlier this year. The band were part of THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF ROCK tour that had a handful of dates across the UK and also featured ALIA TEMPORA on these dates too. It was very well received by the crowd in attendance and I am sure it was also lapped up by the crowd at the rest of the dates and most recently at the Download Festival performance they did too. The band kept the best parts of the track exactly as they should be but just made it that much heavier. It totally works and hopefully it has allowed people to have a gateway into the rest of the bands catalogue to date.

Find CONTROL THE STORM on Facebook.

Helloween – Best Time

I have got to end this write up on a high. I find this track incredibly uplifting and positive in its message. I attended the Manchester gig earlier this year that featured both HELLOWEEN and HAMMERFALL and it was one of the best gigs I have been too in my life. Hearing this track now brings an instant smile to my face and brings back the emotions and intensity I witnessed at this concert.

Find HELLOWEEN on Facebook.

What singles and EPs have made your year? Let us know below.

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