A note from Lotty: Hello all, hope you are doing OK. My mental health really slipped in the last couple of months and updating the playlists took the brunt of it so huge apologies from me and will get it back on track starting with this one.

The playlist to kick it back up again will be the half way playlist. This is a mixture of choices between two of our editorial team. The songs come from chosen albums, discoveries and of course singles.

You can read more details by clicking the links below:

Words From The Team: Martin’s Half-Way Choices – New Nostalgia, Delightful Discoveries & Eurovision Euphoria

Words From The Team: Martin’s Half-Way Choices – Albums

Words From The Team: Martin’s Half-Way Choices – Singles & EPs

Words From The Team: Lotty’s Half-Way Choices – Albums

Words From The Team: Lotty’s Half-Way Choices – Singles

We would love to hear from you what albums, singles and bands have made your year so far. See you on the next list.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist – Half-way Edition 2022

Shield Of Wings – Mind Of Myth
Imperial Age – The Way Is The Aim
Magnum – I Won’t Let You Down
Deep Sun – Mitternachtstanz
Dire Straits – Walk Of Life
Sam Ryder – Space Man
Ghost – Griftwood
Glasya – Way To Victory
Dynazty – Natural Born Killer
Fury – Shadows And Dust
Fellowship – Until The Fire Dies
Kissin’ Dynamite – Voodoo Spell
Saxon – Age Of Stream
Visions Of Atlantis – Melancholy Angel
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Sin Eater
Sabaton – Solider Of Heaven
Fallen Sanctuary – Broken Dreams
Victorius – Mighty Magic Mammoth
Control The Storm – Holding Out For A Hero
dArtagnan – Westwind
Prehistoria – Time
Havenlights – Long Lost Rhyme
Grailknights – Pinball Death Machine
Imperial Age – Legend Of The Free
Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One – Lost Children Of The Universe
SheWolf – The Thrill Of The Chase
Confidential feat. Jake E – Salvation
Heaven’s Guard – Pathfinder
Feuerschwanz – Dragostea Din Tei
Helloween – Best Time

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