Another two weeks is up and the heat is turning up, literally the heat is on and festival season has well and truly started. The latest edition of the playlist should be great ones to sit and relax to with a cold pint or rock out to.

The playlist kicks off by METALLICA classic, this is us jumping on the Eddie Munsen appreciation train and that scene in Stranger Things that will no doubt be hailed as one of the most iconic moments in TV history. For those who haven’t see Stranger Things, here is the clip below.

Now you have witnessed this, back to the rest of the playlist. Within the last two weeks, we have had some brilliant releases.

AMON AMARTH, SKYBLAZER, VOIDEMOLITION, SHINEDOWN, SOILWORK, HAMMER KING, VICTORIA K, TRIBE OF GHOSTS, WITHIN TEMPTATION and AMARANTHE have all released new singles within the last fortnight. POWERWOLF, ORDEN OGAN and AVANTASIA all collaborated with rock and metal royalty for their latest singles. Hansi Kursh, Elina Siirala and Bob Cately to be precise.

We had album releases from BETH BLADE AND THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS, FELLOWSHIP and GRAVESHADOW this last fortnight so you can expect to songs from each of those on the list.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, PAIN and AVRIL LAVIGNE celebrate important album anniversaries. They have all been around for two decades so classics from By The Way, Nothing Remains The Same and a special single that was released to celebrate the anniversary of Let Go.

There have been birthday celebrations in camp VICTORIUS, MARIUS DANIELSEN, LORDI and PYTHIA so you can see songs from each of those.

That’s it for this playlist, see you on the next one.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist -16.07.2022

Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Amon Amarth – The Great Heathen Army
Shinedown – Hope
Pain – Shut Your Mouth
Victorius – Dinosaur Warfare
Skyblazer – Morning Star
Marius Danielsen – Angel Of Light
Fellowship – The Saint Beyond The River
Voidemolition – Sceptre Of Grief
Soilwork – Dreams Of Nowhere
Jonathan Young feat. Caleb Hyles and Judge & Jury – Wolf Within
Victoria K – Persephone
Lordi – Devil Is A Loser
Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Who You Are
Hammer King – Invisible King
Pythia – Your Dark Reign
Avantasia feat. Bob Catley – The Moonflower Society
Within Temptation – Don’t Pray For Me
Grave Shadow feat. Chelsea Murphy – The Swordsman
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Don’t Forget Me
Avril Lavigne – Breakaway
Orden Ogan feat. Elina Siirala – Absolution For Our Final Days
Tribe Of Ghosts – Reign
Amaranthe – Crystalline (Orchestral Version)
Powerwolf feat. Hansi Kursch – Call Of The Wild

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