WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s ChoicE For Album Of The Month July 2022

Tungsten – Bliss

Bliss came to my attention only recently and over the past week, it has been on loop. TUNGSTEN are due to play Sabaton Open Air in a few days time and their diverse sounds caught my attention instantly. When listening to Bliss, I find out instantly that it is hard to pigeonhole them into one genre. The opening tracks In The Center and Dreamers is the first pieces of evidence to show us this.

In The Center offers up melodic death metal greatness that will ensure sore necks from the headbanging it will induce. The whimsical wonder showcased in Dreamers will make any listener break out into a jig wherever they happen to be. This vast variety of tracks continues throughout the entire album, below are just few examples of what the album offers up.

If you want an idea on what the love child of KORN and RAMMSTIEN would sound like, give March Along a spin. If a song that brings MEMORIES OF OLD plus growls to mind, Heart Of Rust is that track. Looking for a pirate metal sea shanty? On The Sea is the track for you. More melodic death industrial goodness? The title track. An epic ending? Northern Lights.

There is a risk that different sounding tracks can feel a bit disjointed. This is not the case with Bliss. Even with this vast variety, the tracks tie in so well with each other. One thing they all have in common? They are all bangers.

Note: This album requires your undivided attention.

Find TUNGSTEN on Facebook.

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