WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Martin’s Album Of The Month July 2022

Wonders – The Fragments Of Wonders

I have been listening to The Fragments Of Wonders album by WONDERS quite a lot this month, not only from the comforts of my desk whilst I continue to primarily work from home but also when I do make that rare trip into the office in my car and travelling to and from my regular Jujitsu class too.

Billed as Power Melodic Metal this masterpiece features the Lunesu brothers (Pietro Paolo and Giorgio respectively) of the band EVEN FLOW and a collaboration with keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Ex-FIREWIND) and was formed during the initial wave of the global pandemic back in 2020. Included amongst the bands line-up are two members of the Italian masters TEMPERANCE with Marco Pastorino on vocals (also of FALLEN SANCTUARY, VIRTUAL SYMMETRY and Ex-SECRET SPHERE amongst others) and Luca Negro on bass.

There are various styles incorporated herein and the first three tracks are so unique but also perfectly compliment one another too that you are totally ensnared from the get-go.

Opening gambit Good & Bad is incredibly catchy and has a vocal based intro before sliding into a traditional powerful and melodic metal riff. You will just want to bang your head and sing along with this one. This track is an amalgamation of the likes of STRATOVARIUS and BEAST IN BLACK with a good dose of prog thrown in for good measure. The final build up and key change will bring you nothing but delight.

Second up is the track Pretender which is somewhat of a ballad, it is mighty juxtaposition in theme and vocals compared to the previous track “I have found my angel, I have chosen the way of truth, I’m looking for the rainbow, I have found the only one”There is also nods to early EDGUY featured here (I totally get feels of Vain Glory Opera and Mandrake). There is also a crushing breakdown included on this piece too with present an opportune headbanging moment.

Fulfilling the initial trio of tracks is the song Losing The Dream is bass led from the start. It is a heavy bass line that features throughout the track and the intro does show some reminiscent signs of LACUNA COIL track Our Truth give it a listen and you will know what I mean. From the intro it totally flips on its head, there is lots of heavy and progressive slides and it of a far more faster tempo compared to the last track.

As mentioned this opening trio of tracks should certainly capture your attention and hook you in ready for the ride throughout the rest of the album.

Another song that was selected as a single is the final track (unless of course you are fortunate to have the physical cd release with the bonus track included) and is also the title track too.  It features some haunting background synth sections and some melancholic guitars and emphasis on its lyrics throughout with a use of anaphora and refrains that are beautifully looped like you are deep within a time vortex. The delivery of these just build with additional layers and foundations each time you hear it. In hindsight, was this a reflective voice of what the pandemic was preventing us from being able to enjoy? “It rains on us, imperfect roads, I caress your eyes close to my world, with the fragments of wonder”

This amalgamation of artists was most certainly a success, it also makes you realise how busy Marco is with his various projects, bands and guest appearances and that even though each one has similarities they are unique in their own way too. I would undoubtedly love to hear a follow up to this 2021 release.

Find WONDERS on Facebook.

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