“don’t compromise on who you are as a person”

FELLOWSHIP have performed few shows and they have gained a clan following in the short space of time. In the middle of Power Metal Quest Fest, Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham spoke to lead vocalist Matthew Corry, guitarist Brad Wosko and drummer Callum Tuffen about their set, which bands they are looking forward to seeing, mental health and which fantasy world they would thrive in.

You did a great set in there for Power Metal Quest Fest.

Matt:  Yeah it seemed really good to us, we all felt it was great. It was the first time we were using our new rack so our sound was completely different. It felt really good and the technology works, the set went well.

Which bands have you been able to check out?

Matt:  We only just got back here, we had to leave to go and get freshened up as we were all so sweaty.

Callum:  We pretty much turned up forty-five minutes before we were due to start so it was set stuff up, warm up then take to the stage. So, we haven’t watched anyone yet.

Brad:  Really looking forward to Sellsword and Battle Born.

From an audience perspective, Until The Fire Dies and Hearts Upon The Hill went down well. From a band perspective, which ones did you think went down well?

Callum:  I think Glory Days because it’s the first song and there were unexpected roars. I didn’t expect that much applause and cheers.

Brad:  It’s why it’s a great first song as it warms everything up and lets the crowd know we’re here.

Matt:  There is nothing like Glint for me, hearing an audience singing back is amazing. 

Brad:  It’s like a self-indulgent moment getting everyone to sing it.

Matt:  Hearing your lyrics sang back to you is like payment for gigs.

You getting the audience to sing parts of Glint was like arranging your own choir really.

Matt:  It would have been great to have more time to arrange the harmonies but there’s only so much you can do in a time limit. It was great fun.

One of our messages at Rock Out Stand Out is to spread mental health awareness, we have two major changes happen plus more to come. Do you have any personal tips or advice for those who aren’t coping with change?

Matt:  It’s always a hard question to answer. The biggest thing to remember is when things are changing around you, the things that are going to get you through that are the elements of yourself that you prize today. There are going to be elements of your life you are going to have to compromise on to meet the economic and social challenges. The one thing I would really recommend you don’t compromise on is who you are as a person and the core values that make your decisions for you.

Brad:  My main thing is no matter how dark the days seem at the time, there are always better times to come. That’s what I try and live by anyway.

Callum:  I echo what Matt and Brad say.

Which fantasy world do you think you would thrive in the most?

Brad:  I wouldn’t want to be in Game Of Thrones, that would be brutal.

Callum:  I am quite happy being a hobbit in The Shire or an elf in Rivendale. That would do it for me.

Matt [to Callum]:  You’re too tall to be a hobbit. You can pass for an elf. [laughs]

Matt:  The Princess Bride, always for me.

Callum [to Brad]:  You would suit Game Of Thrones, I can see you as a black smith. 

Do you have a message for those who have come to Power Metal Quest Fest and Fellowship fans?

Brad:  Bless you and we love you.

Matt:  Thanks for coming, thanks for spending your time with us and we hope you have a fantastic rest of your day.

Callum:  Thank you for all your constant support you have been giving us, it means a lot to us. Have a great day.

Thank you so much for talking with Rock Out Stand Out and enjoy the rest of your day.

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