“You know what’s better than one dragon? Two dragons.”

BATTLE BORN are rising stars in power metal and their set at Power Metal Quest Fest is proof of why that is. They have also released their new single Fire Storm, which you can check out below. Rock Out Stand Out’s Lotty Whittingham caught up with the band not long after their set where they spoke about who they’ve been able to see, the progress of their upcoming debut album, mental health and which gaming characters they would love to see in a band. Here is what happened.

It’s Power Metal Quest Fest, which bands have you been able to see?

All:  Fellowship.

Jack:  They were excellent, they really smashed it.

Tom:  We saw them at Bloodstock, that was their first ever show and it was our second ever show. That was a great weekend, which was almost a year and half ago now.

Jack:  They’ve overcome some line up chaos and the show has gone on so that’s awesome.

Tom:  It was great to see them with some of the new album songs as well.

You’ve played as well, the crowd loved you.

Will:  We loved the crowd.

Jack:  They were good.

I asked this question to Fellowship earlier, which songs from a band perspective do you feel went down the best?

Jack:  Power Force always goes down well.

Tom: It’s a stupid song.

Jack: You say that but it really does. It wouldn’t land if it was even slightly cerebral.

Will:  Battle Born is always a great live one as well, it’s a great way to start the set and it energises the band as much as anything else.

Jack:  It’s also an introduction to ourselves. If you have a song called Battle Born, by Battle Born off the EP Battle Born, you should start with that one really. 

Charlie:  There’s nothing like the final closer Bring The Metal Back. 

Tom:  The crowd really went for it today.

Last time I spoke to Jack and Tom, Seeb from Orden Ogan was mixing and mastering your debut album. I was wondering if you had an update.

Jack:  So that show when we did that last interview was a warm up show for the tour that we were about to go on. One or two days into that tour, we got the final mix and we had a very fun time listening to it in the van.

Charlie:  It was the first draft of the final go and he worked on it for another couple of months or so. It’s all done now.

Jack:  He’s done such a great job on it. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Tom:  It’s unfortunate it makes the EP sound shit. [laughs]

Are the songs from the EP going to be on the album or is it all brand new material?

Tom:  Eleven entirely new songs.

Jack:  Twelve if you live in Japan. The name is good and the artwork is even better.

Will:  Yes, we got the final artwork this week. Remember how our debut EP features lots of abs, we followed the theme for the listeners at home.

Jack:  The first draft of this artwork was that the torso was concealed, and we asked for an abs window and highlighting on the abs.

Tom:  If someone sees the artwork and says the artwork is not for me, then they are probably not for us.

Who designed the artwork?

Jack:  It was Stan Decker, who has done a lot of amazing artwork for a lot of euro power bands. Brainstorm, Rage.

Will:  I think he did a Battle Beast one.

Charlie:  He did a Megadeth one I think too.

Jack:  He was awesome to work with.

Tom:  Every time we gave him a massive sheet of feedback and he just did it all.

As you know, Rock Out Stand Out spread mental health awareness as well. We have had quite a few big changes, do you have any personal tips or advice to those who may not be coping with change?

Tom:  If you’re feeling sad, there is something really therapeutic in putting on a really dumb song with dumb lyrics like Power Metal Power Force and just giving into the stupid. It’s a great release and I think we all come off stage buzzing. I like to think the crowd comes away from our show buzzing. Even if it’s for forty minutes to an hour, they have had a brilliant time and they are not thinking about the state of the world.

Going to shows like provides a great escape.

Tom:  Particularly on a day like today with so many bands starting at one o’ clock all the way through to the evening.

Which five gaming/fantasy characters, could you see in a band together and what genre would they be?

Charlie:  Captain Falcon.

Jack:  Spyro The Dragon.

Will:  Let’s make it a Symphonic Band and add Princess Zelda.

Tom:  Crate Toss from God Of War.

Jack:  He plays the drums.

Will:  Or bass.

Tom:  He plays the abs.

Will:  I think Spyro should be the front person.

Jack:  I agree.

Tom:  The final one could be Alduin. 

Jack:  You know what’s better than one dragon? Two dragons.

Tom:  What would the genre be?

Jack:  Symphonic Death Core.

What would the band be called?

Jack:  Dragon:  Hoarse.

Do you have a message for those who came to Power Metal Quest Fest and Battle Born fans?

Will:  Thank you making our day, it was so much fun and you were the best part of it.

Jack:  You were terrific, let’s do it again in future.

Charlie:  Really appreciate all the support, thank you.

Tom:  They all echo my sentiments.

Thank you all for speaking with Rock Out Stand Out today and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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