ALBUM REVIEW: Skyblazer – Infinity’s Wings

2023 has barely begun and a certain album has given me that much needed kick up the backside to ensure this new year is a great one. The album in question Infinity’s Wings, the debut from SKYBLAZER.

For those who don’t know SKYBLAZER is a musical project created by multi-instrumentalist and song writer Johannes Frykholm. He invited an array of talented musicians to partake in the debut EP Time For Deliverance that was released in 2021. Some of them have come back for this debut which I will go thorough in one of my rare track by track reviews.

The powerful narration in Prologue makes you stand to attention immediately; it’s backed gallantly by the sci-fi sounds that take you to another universe. The last time that sort of opening track had that impact on me was Prologue in VAN CANTO’s Voices Of Fire.

Shine Forth is the first full length track on the album. Immediately, the uplifting and triumphant sounds fill you with motivation and hope. The music itself brings Super Smash Bros Brawl to mind, in particular; the level in Skyworld with the character Pit in Story Mode. This triumphant music is a worthy ally to lyrics such as “Believe my words and break this curse”.

Power Metal fans will be rejoicing to the song Eyes Of Serenity. Catchy and uplifting melody? Check. Fast rapid drum patterns that you can lose yourself into? Check.  A guitar and keyboard solo that will bring out every air musician? Check. A chorus that you will know all the words to by the second or third listen? Check, check and check again. You will be grabbing the air as you sing or lip-sync to this track in no time.

Across The Heavens was the first single released for this album. If MEMORIES OF OLD wrote a song for a video game, it would sound something like this. This was great when communicating the important lyric “our toxic past we leave behind to secure our future”.

Turning Time is my personal favourite track on the album, and I will tell you why. It explains the important message of learning things over time through poignant lyrics such as “life full of sins, and mishaps of my past, can I redeem those crimes” and “I’m turning time, correcting all the wrongs”. These are backed by pumping melodies that wouldn’t be out of place in a Sonic The Hedgehog game. So huge rock horns from me on that one.

If the battle music from Final Fantasy and Pokemon fused together, the melody of Under The Blazing Sky will give you a strong idea of what that will sound like. There is a bridge in the middle that slows things right down and allows you to reflect on what has happened; if this was part of a film, this would be the part where the protagonist is about to give up before getting that second wind of motivation to head back into battle.

The soaring melody of One Million Ways wouldn’t be out of the place in the eighties, yet it has that modern tinge that ensures it will stand the test of time.You also better have your dancing shoes on as the moment the title track plays, you will be dancing in your seat or on your feet within seconds.

It closes triumphantly with Eternalize The Dream. It may start out as your usual ballad but as the track progresses, you find out very quickly that it isn’t. I won’t give too much away here but one thing I will say, this is the track AVANTASIA wish they had written.

Skyblazer is a pumping bonus track that will bring images of starring in your own video game. It’s one worth sticking around for.

SKYBLAZER’s Infinity’s Wings is a strong debut with empowering lyrics and equally uplifting music. Want to partake on an epic adventure whilst gaining that much needed boost of motivation? Give this album a spin, it’s a great one to start the year off with.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Rating: 9/10

Infinity’s Wings will be released via Elevate Records on 13th January 2023/is out now.

Find SKYBLAZER on Facebook.

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