WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Jacob’s Album Of The Month – April 2023

Moddi – Floriography

Perhaps it is a slow quiet kind of resignation or maybe it is the gentle warmth that it embodies that carries on with me long after the music stops that makes me feel a kind of kinship with this album.

MODDI displays an agonising relatability in the songs here. For example Stuck In The Waltz superbly describes the feeling of being fixed in a repeating cycle and knowing that you are doomed to repeat it.

Rubbles begins with a strange fusion of the mechanistic and natural as industrial notes ebb and flow as waves guiding the song to the lyrics shore. As the accordion wavers the slight quiver of Moddi’s voice becomes a scream and a cry as the song builds to its dramatic peak.

Overall, Floriography is my pick for this month because of the colour of the flowers that draw you in, it’s the bite of the thorns that keep you.

Words: Jacob MacCrone

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