WORDS FROM THE TEAM: Lotty’s Album Of The Month – April 2023

Red Rum – Book Of Legends

I figured out it’s been nearly ten years since I came across RED RUM, the most dastardly and delightful bunch of scallywags of the East Midlands. Over this near decade, they have brought me joy through their brilliant tales of the sea and their wonderfully, fun live shows.

Their latest escapade Book Of Legends has been an eagerly anticipated one and one very much worth the wait. At this point, it has only been out just over a couple of weeks and I have already lost count on how many times I have experienced this adventure. Before I give my final conclusion, I would like to delve into some of my favourite tracks on this voyage.

Within seconds, Drunk & Disorderly had me smiling and dancing. This was due to the infectious melody and fun lyrics the song displayed. This was coupled with the attention grabbing intro that told me I was in for an adventure.

Due to the kooky, cartoony and strange goings on, Liar’s Dice grabbed and kept my attention instantly. Ever wondered what would happen if King Dice from Cuphead appeared in Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo? Well add pirates and this song will give a rough idea on what that would sound like.

When I first the song Rekt, I didn’t take to it at first. Not that I didn’t like it, it wasn’t my favourite. Fast forward to now and each time I listen to it, the more it grows on me. This is down to the fact there’s a lot going on; not too much where you’re left lost on the voyage but enough to keep you curious.

Make Port, Drink Port was one of the first songs I heard by this rogue crew so I was pleased this was going to be included in the tale. What I wasn’t expecting was a fantastic re-recording of this classic favourite. It was a great way to end a mighty voyage and encourage you to go round again.

The day it was released, I was really stuck in my head and it felt like there was no way out. Due to personal reasons, that’s how I have been feeling this month. From the atmospheric title track to the brilliant re-recording of Make Port, Drink Port, this album makes me smile, dance and to commandeer the nearest ship to set sail. Due these reasons above and that it helps me forget my worries; I have chosen this voyage as my album of the month.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

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