Kult Of Taurus – Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence (Album Review)

It doesn’t matter what you appear to be doing, the darkness and sorrow of Black Metal can bring out the absolute misery in us but that is what they set out to do. The most recent to come into my presence are Greek born KULT OF TAURUS and their latest token of misery to be added to their mournful collection is their album “Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence”.

Before I begin to haunt you with this new specimen they have released let me tell you about the masterminds behind it. This sinister Kult was founded by malignant vocalist Sarpedon and the man behind the six strings of divine madness Sythanagon in the year 2007. From that fateful start one thing was completely clear to these devilish heathens; a path needed to be created. Adding bassist (or four strings of nailing and dissonance) Platon and drummer  C.T into this hellish mix along the way; with several live shows, a lineup change and three releases to say these guys generated a lot of experience along the way would be a massive understatement.

Onto the album itself; the album starts in a usual Black Metal fashion with a sinister opening instrumental which provides that false sense of security that is greatly anticipated in this sub genre. It then abruptly transitions into the gloomy “Black Embrace” where it sounds like the vocals where recorded in a cave. This echoed effect in Black Metal adds to that threatening yet mysteriously enticing vibe that I like and admire about this genre.

As I’ve said before Black Metal can bring out misery in anything you do; but there are some responsibilities however like job hunting that don’t necessarily need the power of this shady genre to make it gloomier. In fact this album made this tedious task more bearable as I often broke away to enjoy the malevolence beauty of this creation KULT OF TAURUS have bestowed upon the metal community. Even imagining what it’d be like to experience their sorrowful tunes live. I can imagine the pandemonium and chaos that will come with it, mesmerizing won’t even cover it. Tracks such as “Through The Lunar Wombs” and “Edafio I” will surely whisk you away into an alternate reality away from the stresses of modern life.

Overall this album is the perfect gift for Black Metal fans looking for something new to add to their collection. If you love destructively fast drums, blistering guitar work and belligerent vocals this band are definitely for you.

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