EP Review: Chaos Order – Distant Chords Of Disharmony

a1468547173_10_phixrMemphis Tennessee quartet CHAOS ORDER certainly live up to their name; particularly where their latest EP “Distant Chords Of Disharmony” is concerned. This EP gives us chaos, pandemonium and bedlam. In terms of Hardcore and Metalcore this is a huge compliment.

For those of you unfamiliar with CHAOS ORDER, here is a little bit of information about this group of miscreants.  They were formed by bass man Jared Filsinger in Memphis, October 2011. They are influenced by early Hardcore Punk, Horror Punk and Thrash Metal; this sound consisting of guitarist Austin Russell’s punctuated style of playing, Jared Filsinger’s shredding bass skills, Samual Davidson’s intense drumming and Neal Bledsoe’s versatile vocal range it seems this band have the full Hardcore package.

The EP gets off to a more than chaotic start with the opening track “Crucified Now Forgotten” that, even though seems all over the place and out of control, shows us that CHAOS ORDER have complete power the moment you press play on this frenzied EP. One of the most notable things on this EP is Bledsoe’s vocal work; the record shows his ability to scream aggressively yet sing in perfect tune when it comes to it, a perfect example of this can be heard in the song “Yourself And All Together”.

What is truly ingenious about this EP is that you don’t necessarily need to be a huge fan of Hardcore to enjoy the record; the songs consisting of brilliant talent and their chaotic ambience is incredibly endearing. At first listen to those unfamiliar to their sound, may feel like a punch in the face; however once you get over the initial shock it turns out to be one of the most enjoyable EPs you will ever have the pleasure of listening to.

Want to try something out of your comfort zone? Look no further as you won’t be disappointed with CHAOS ORDER.

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