EDEN’S CURSE: A Retrospective Look Back At A Decade Of Eden’s Curse

Yesterday afternoon a very special band celebrated an important milestone in their career. Saturday 16th January 2016 saw multi national Melodic Metal heroes EDEN’S CURSE celebrating their tenth anniversary.

To celebrate A&D Productions released a incredibly insightful documentary that, the title appropriately suggests, is a retrospective look back on what is actually an incredible history.  In this documentary, Scotland’s Premier Rock DJ and long time friend of the band, Tom Russell, interviews bass man and founding member Paul Logue; together they take us on a remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Glasgow right up to the present day where a brand new album is currently in the works.

I came across this act in the year 2014, which was one of the first full years with their current line up. Metal Temple, the magazine I write for, assigned this tour for me to cover and write a review for; I also opted for an interview with the band as I wanted to get them most out of my first assigned live show for the magazine. I didn’t know too much about this band and the only full album I had listened to was their latest one “Symphony Of Sin” so naturally I was nervous about interviewing them and meeting them.

I needn’t have worried; being shown into The Underworld, Camden that fateful day by AFM Records PR Agent Mike Exely and introduced to Paul. He gathered the rest of the band for an interview backstage. They were honestly one of the most down to earth and professional bands I have had the pleasure of interviewing; I am pleased to still be working to help promote their work and share it out. Seeing footage of The Underworld on the documentary bought back memories of the first time catching them live and witnessing impeccable talent for the very first time.

It is safe to say they are a personal favourite band of mine and have, what I call the full package; quality sound, fantastic live and top notch blokes. A band I highly recommend.

Happy 10th Anniversary guys!

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