Single Review: King Goat – Conduit

It’s no secret that the South Of England is seeing a promising rise in the number of remarkable upcoming music acts; the latest track to prove this theory comes from Brighton Progressive Doom Metal quintet KING GOAT and it only raises anticipation for their upcoming album. KING GOAT hail from Brighton and I have seen for myself that every live show sees them walk away with new fans. Their rich sound and haunting live shows ensures this fact.

Today Metal Hammer released a new track from their upcoming album “Conduit”. Ever since stumbling across them at a friend’s recommendation during one of my many visits to Brighton in 2014 they have been on my musical radar ever since.

The first thing I notice about this track is power, such power. It has actually left me speechless. This track consists of everything on a Metal head’s checklist; authorative vocal work, excellent riffs and a haunting aura. I love the different elements here all in one song that fit so well together. It only leaves me more excited for the new upcoming album.

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