Album Review: Prong – X-No Absoulutes

prongnoabsolutescd_phixrHaving spent a while within the metal community the name PRONG seems to be a household name when Underground Metal is concerned; especially within the Hardcore and Crossover sub genres. They are due to release their tenth studio album “X-No Absoulutes” that show us they are still here and they mean business.

PRONG initially started as a forceful trio by vocalist Tommy Victor in 1986, by the time they signed to Epic Records in 1989 the post metal trio had already accomplished so much. They had released two independent records “The Primitive Origins” (1987) and “Force Fed” (1988). It was also around late eighties/early nineties where Alternative Sub Genres of Heavy Metal were coming into the height of popularity. Being part of a revolutionary move in music history seemed to already score them points.

Onto the record itself and the first thing you notice is the production of this record, it is very well mastered yet still keeps the aggression and distortion PRONG have been well known for giving. This album not gives us sheer intensity and ferocity, it also gives us authority. To say this album lets the listener know who’s in charge would be a huge understatement. Track names such as “Ultimate Authority”, “Belief System” and “Worth Pursuing” it has that don’t give up sense behind the record.

If you are new to the Crossover triumvirate and want to be eased in gently this latest record gives a certainly more polished sound but still keeps the brutality and intensity they are well known for.  If you are ready to enter the deep end their previous material gives off a raw, dirty sound.  Whether you decide to start with the back log archives or their latest material, authority and dominance across PRONG’s discography will give you more than a wakeup call.

Overall conclusion of the record? Fantastic work throughout the album, which will be available 5th February.

Originality:  7/10,  Song Writing:  8/10, Memorability:  8/10, Production:  8/10

Overall:  8/10

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