Album Review: Primitai – Night Brings Insanity

primitai-night-brings-insanity-coverTo find a great melodic metal band to possibly fill the shoes of a band like the mighty IRON MAIDEN seems to be like finding riches in a gold mine these days; there have been a few great finds, one of the newest ones to come into the frame is UK based heavy metal outfit PRIMITAI. If the mind blowing music from their latest album Night Brings Insanity doesn’t tell us this who knows what will.

For those new to the huge, stadium-esque sounds of this Berkshire based metal band here’s more information. They formed in the military town of Sandhurst and their sound was perfected in various London nightclubs. With this in mind they managed to fulfil their mission of spreading great quality heavy metal worldwide. They have shared a stage with the likes of JETTBLACK, SAXON, GRAND MAGUS and EDGUY. They released their albums Line Of Fire in 2010, Rise Again in 2013 and Night Brings Insanity nearly a week ago.

If there was one word to describe this record alone it would be power and lots of it. Each melody on this record is infused with blistering riffs, thunderous drums and prevailing vocal work that will make hairs stand on end, move you towards the edge of your seat and make you forget about reality altogether. Each of the tracks contain the old school values of metal from the likes of JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN; along with these modern touches it’s clear these tracks will no doubt become timeless classics in years to come.

From the energy filled Power Surge and the aggressive sounding My Last Escape to the epic balladConclusion Forgone and the sweeping title track it seems these songs were built for stadiums and large arenas. These are only some of the best examples of what PRIMITAI has to offer. The rolling drums alongside the dominant vocals and acrobatic guitar work on Falling Embers will have minds mesmerised for days on end. The songs were a great way to showcase such talent from a great upcoming act.

It ends on a more than solid note with the concluding track Brace For Storms that will no doubt have crowd goers causing carnage with the dominance of the music. With it’s controlling melody leaving us hypnotised and focused only on the music, the song is prevailing yet catchy which is the mark of a great track regarding melodic metal.

Like their last album it is difficult to pigeon-hole who they sound like in terms of their sound. If anything can be learnt here;  they have definitely set out to prove that British heavy metal is alive and kicking. This latest specimen proves this claim to be true and solid.

Rating: 9/10

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