Album Review: Eternal Halloween – Eternal Halloween

eternal-halloweenEven though Christmas is just around the corner for some of us, imagine listening to a record that will guarantee its Halloween all year round. This treacherous group of condemned souls and proletarians are ETERNAL HALLOWEEN, their self titled release of destruction will cause more than untold misery and despair on whoever listens to it. In terms of the type of band they are this is huge praise for their perfidious scheme.

This troupe formed from the depths of the United Kingdom, they are lead by Dave Devil. The name stems from the Eternal Horror and Political Crisis the world is suffering. Under this name they seek to mock those stereotypes within modern society. In fact they are already having their videos being banned after receiving complaints from religious groups.

Imagine if ROB ZOMBIE and RAMMSTIEN had somehow conceived demonic offspring, that’s the sound of ETERNAL HALLOWEEN. Within the first few seconds of ‘Welcome To The Show’ you get that tint instantly. The record consists of heavy riffs, songs that are unsettling yet addictive and chilling vocals; a band that will go down well at lives shows.

Behind the addictive, heavy arrangements;  lyrically it’s quite dark. Example of this is single ‘Don’t Scream At Me’ which takes a look into abuse in relationships, for those who have experienced it, warning it’s not an easy listen lyrically. Another example being in the track ‘Two Bullets’ which is based on a true story involving passion and death. That seems to be theme throughout the record, up keeping the title ETERNAL HALLOWEEN, it brings those inner demons to life within.

A relief from the darkness is the track ‘Non-Funny Clown’ which starts off with a hill-billy type sideshow that will bring a look of puzzlement and amusement to the listener.

This certainly is a record that will spark emotions from left, right and centre. It will ensure that Halloween will happen all year round as opposed to once a year. Watch out ROB ZOMBIE, there’s a new troupe in town and they may have a run for your money.

Find Eternal Halloween on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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