Album Review: Running Wild – Rapid Foray

runningwildrapidforaycdRUNNING WILD are well known for producing albums that make one imagine that you are on a ship, sailing the seven seas looking to wherever the wind will take you. Not forgetting the copious amounts of rum of course. Their latest release ‘Rapid Foray’ is no exception. It is a legend of treachery and adventure that will help you immerse into another reality.

This album contains an array of adventurous tales and quests to create this record. It starts off very well with the tune ‘Black Skies, Red Flag’ in a very RUNNINING WILD with the sweeping guitar riffs, husky vocals and the rapid drums. This varies throughout the album in a great way.

There’s sassiness, brashness and no nonsense in a lot of theses tracks. These include ‘Stick To Your Guns’ that will bring the inner stripper in everyone, ‘By The Blood In Your Heart’ an empowering track that will encourage rebellion and ‘Last Of The Mohicans’ a sweeping melody with slick guitar riffs and prevailing vocals, this particular track has a similar vibe to ‘Ballad Of William Kidd’.

If you are ready to sail the seas with experienced Metal Pirates, than this is certainly the record for you.

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