Brand New Me and a Brand New Laptop

Hello there

Yes it has been a while since I last posted, things have been taking place in my mind and in my life. There has been more stability in my life and more challenges to take on. The first one being that I am writing for a new magazine project that is title Warrior Women; it is the alternative to the typical women’s magazine, those that seem to encourage taunting when someone has put on weight, going out with no make up, basically just being human. It encourages positivity and ambition. It was started up by Steph Kiddle, all round creative. To find out more watch this video.

After a recent visit and hopefully last counselling session I realise how important it is to like yourself and have strong self confidence, not to the point where you’re completely arrogant mind but enough to know full well you are good enough and you are perfect just the way you are. I realised that after years of not liking myself as a person, at school I was often ignored or teased for being that little bit different; they say sticks and stones will break bones but names won’t hurt you. In fact words can hurt, they stick with you and encourage self doubt. So when I tried to say a nice out loud to myself, I found I couldn’t. I have been practicing since, it gets easier each time but I still need to believe it’s true.


Happy New Year and here’s to more writing from me.

Take care


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