ALBUM REVIEW: Angel Nation – Aeon

angelnationaeoncdIf you weren’t familiar with the works of ANGEL NATION before, the time to start doing so is right now. Their captivating video for their single ‘Burn The Witch’ is more than a great place to start. It cleverly depicts the ongoing message on how much time modern technology consumes now, particularly social media where you become so absorbed into your screens to the point of living in a different reality. This single comes from their upcoming album Aeon, which has been a long-awaited release since their debut Tears Of Lust in 2014.

For those of you who are thinking ‘wait that was released by ENKELINATION’ you are right. For those who don’t know, they translated the name to Angel Nation when they were in the middle of writing/recording Aeon. They formed in the year 2011 by Finnish singer Elina Siirala after finished her studies in London, UK. Since then they played the local scene as a well as well as sharing the stage with BATTLE BEAST and LEAVES’ EYES, they also gained a slot at Bloodstock Festival.

Going onto the record itself, at first listen it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who they sound like. You can  immediately hear a fantastic variety of sounds on the track.

The track ‘Enough Is Enough’ reminds one of an 80s anthem or the song you would hear on a Japanese Anime soundtrack; it’s incredibly upbeat, empowering and gives you a must needed boost of energy.

If EDENBRIDGE and VISIONS OF ATLANTIS were to duet together, the track ‘Wonder Who You Are’ would give you an accurate idea of how that would sound. The vocal work and the melody structure very much give that strong indication of this.

To find a song that provokes all sorts of emotions is a tricky feat to do. If you listen to this album you will find that track. It comes in the form of their completely stripped-down ballad ‘Music Plays’. This striking melody literally stops you in your tracks and helps you to reflect on thoughts; the simplicity of this song is absolutely stunning and you will not want to stop listening to the song once it has started playing.

To sum up this record as a whole, it was a great album containing some brilliant melodies. The songs were beautifully made up of sirenistic vocal work, slick guitar riffs/solos and fantastic rhythm lines from the bass and drums. This is the upcoming release will be a treasure for those fans of melodic and symphonic metal.


Find Angel Nation on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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