ALBUM REVIEW: Serenity – Lionheart

K1600_721_SERENITY_CMYKWhen you embark upon a record that is so sensational that you can’t wait to share gives you a rare yet very empowering feeling. In the case of the latest release from SERENITY this certainly proves to be the case. They release their almighty record Lionheart today via Napalm Records and from listening to the record, it’s very clear that the record will live up to the majestic title.

SERENITY‘s story begins in 2004 in the town of Tyrol, Austria. Since their formation they have released an impressive discography admired by fans and have shared the stage with some household names in metal such as KAMELOT. For this record, they have gone back to their roots. You hear of those albums that try and use every cliché of a sub-genre of metal but it doesn’t always quite work out. In this record they have taken all the best elements of symphonic metal and have pieced it together incredibly well. The album is a collection of grand melodies that are constructed with dominant vocal work, guitar riffs and solos that will even blow Herman Li out of the water, thunderous drums and a pounding bass line.

The opening track alone is enough to entice the listener into this epic quest that this album treats you to; the instrumental Deus Lo Vult is a stately orchestral piece that sets up an outstanding tone for what you can expect on the rest of the album. Skyrim and Game Of Thrones come to mind when this stunning piece plays.

What is a rare find nowadays is finding an album that you can easily listen to over and over again without growing tedious. Lionheart is one of those albums; the collection of tracks is very diverse, it’s hard to pick just one that stands out from the rest as they all have something special and unique about them. One thing they do have in common? They invoke the urge to feel like a prevailing being. This motion is evident in the track The Fortress (of Blood and Sand). This sweeping melody of grand musical arrangements will ensure some incite some headbanging and practice air guitar wherever you happen to be. The Middle Eastern type introduction sets up the tone of the song very well, giving it a very gripping hook.

Rising High will prove a favourite at live shows with its celebratory like intro, heroic chorus and its battle like verses. The hooks in this track are spot on and keep the listener engaged to the point of wanting this song on loop for days on end. Even the ballad on the album Hero brings forth some great emotions. This beautiful track allows you to take a rest and reflect. It’s great a way to tone it down a notch.

The Final Crusade is the icing on top of the huge wedding cake, the grand ending of an epic blockbuster. It leaves the listener with an amazing feeling and a huge wanting for more. Lionheart is a symphonic metal masterpiece. Whether you are a long-time fan or a new listener, this album will be anything but a disappointment.


Rating: 9/10

Find Serenity on Facebook their official website.

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