Rock Out Stand Out Top Ten Albums 2017 (5 – 2)

Now you know the first half of my top ten, let’s carry on and reveal the rest.


5. Serenity – Lionheart

With its grand orchestral opening that will lead onto sweeping, majestic metal anthems it’s no wonder SERENITY’s Lionheart has received high praise from fans and critics alike. The album is a collective portfolio of sweeping, heroic melodies; Rising High, Lionheart and Eternal Victory to name a few. Even the slower tracks such as Heaven and instrumental King’s Landing show such power and passion. This album is more than likely to trigger your heroic senses and it’s a real gem for fans of symphonic metal.


4. Orden Ogan – Gunman

German power house ORDEN OGAN have a history of solid albums and singles, their latest release Gunmen is no exception. It’s a powerful release with some dominant tracks that have become firm favourites. Ashen Rain, Vampire In Ghost Town and Come With Me To The Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine) are incredibly memorable and strong. This almighty release will keep up their solid reputation.



3. Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain

Finnish Heavy Metal unit BATTLE BEAST are a band well known for their powerful presence and dominant music that will blow you away. Bringer Of Pain is an empowering, pumping and energetic collection of melodies that will have you singing the tunes and practicing the solos. King For A Day, Familiar Hell and Lost In Wars provide the power and passion. Even the slower ballad Far From Heaven contains some power in a more stripped down way.



2. The Picturebooks – Home Is A Heartache

This album is one of the most innovative that has crossed the ears. THE PICTUREBOOKS are a two-man band hailing from Germany and they make music from their garage. Within the album Home Is A Heartache, you can hear that distinct rawness and authenticity within their sound. This can be heard particularly in the tracks Wardance, Zero Fucks Given and I Need That Ooooh. This is the band that should be playing stadiums and arenas, this release enforces this.


If you are wondering, what my number one album is. Wait for the next post.

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