ALBUM REVIEW: Ad Infinitum – Chapter III: Downfall

Since the release of their debut Chapter I: Monarchy in 2020, I have kept rising stars AD INFINITUM on my radar. It’s been a fantastic experience watching the band go from strength to strength in their career so far and they are about to unleash the next chapter of their next saga. Chapter III: Downfall takes a dive into Ancient Egyptian history and mythology, they do this brilliantly through the music and lyrics. Let me explain.

I often say the best openers can entice you in and hit with you an impact at the same time. Eternal Ruins does this without fail; it captivates you and draws you into their world. From the majestic arrangements to Melissa Bonny’s versatile vocal range, you get a taste of AD INFINITUM are all about in this track.

Upside Down and Somewhere Better were the singles that got the anticipation going for the album for very different reasons. Upside Down is exhilarating and electric, it’s what I would call a typical AD INFINITUM track that contains what the band have to offer. When I was going through burnout and the realisation of experiencing imposter syndrome, the song Somewhere Better lifted me from that hole I was starting to fall back into. The song did this through uplifting music and empowering lyrics such as “I know I needed to fall to grow” and “embrace the flame that guides me through the night”.

Whilst there are tracks that will please long-time fans of the band due to knowing what they will get, AD INFINITUM have also tried some new things that will keep the fans curious on what more they can offer up. The tracks that come to mind with this are The Underworld, Under The Burning Skies and New Dawn. I will tell you why that is.

On first glance, anything titled The Underworld is always interesting to me as I am always curious on how the artist is going to interpret it. You know it’s going to be dark, heavy and sinister; this is exactly what you get with this track. The best way to describe this track is that it’s a traditional metal track with a modern twist. Either way, it captures the essence of what the infamous underworld is all about.

Speaking of traditional, you hear the first traditional ballad from the band on this record. Under The Blazing Skies is a beautiful and haunting song that will have you transfixed. From my understand, it’s a person of royalty, possibly Cleopatra, coming to the end of their final days and it’s a description of what happens. It’s one of those tracks that demands your undivided attention and will leave a legacy.

New Dawn was a great surprise to me. My first thoughts was the use of major tones throughout the song when they have mainly used minor tones up until this point. The song has a pop vibe about it and it’s a positive track about new creating new possibilities for yourself. To me, this tells me that AD INFINITUM are not afraid to push the boundaries and try something out of their comfort zone; it worked for me, it will be interesting to see how this track is received when the album is released.

It ends triumphantly on the track Legends, which welcomes Chrigel Glanzmann from ELUVEITIE giving an atmospheric narration before AD INFINITUM show us one last time what they have to offer up.

Not only is Chapter III:  Downfall a solid album, it shows that AD INFINITUM are not afraid to push boundaries and try new things with their sound. Want to find out why they are hailed rising stars? Give this album a spin once it’s released to find out.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Chapter III: Downfall will be released 31st March 2023 via Napalm Records.

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