ALBUM REVIEW: Primitai – The Calling

709886Over the past decade or so a storm has been brewing in the UK; it’s been in the airwaves and live sphere in the Metal Community for quite some time now. This has been done in the form of Melodic Metal troupe PRIMITAI and they have released their latest weapon aka The Calling their fifth studio album. This album reinforces why every metal head needs to listen to them and watch their live show.

PRIMITAI’s story begins in Sandhurst, UK in the year 2003. They made a breakthrough in the year 2010 with their second album Line Of Fire; since then they have toured all over the UK, Ireland and appeared at some of Metal’s biggest festivals. Bloodstock and Wacken Cruise to name a few. Their 2013 release Rise Again only marked more milestones for the band, these include touring around Europe and sharing the stage with the likes of SAXON and SEPULTURA. It’s exciting to see what The Calling will bring fourth to this no-nonsense Melodic Metal group.

The album is a portfolio of songs that contain finger blistering guitar riffs and solos, prevailing vocals, thunderous drums and a pounding bass line. It kicks off in true PRIMITAI style with opening tracks Possess Me which beautifully transitions to Demons Inside. These are the ideal openers that will prepare the listener for the carnage and mayhem this record showcases.

The Calling upholds the band’s sound of influences whilst taking a tint from modern metal. This sound has allowed them to share the stage with some household names in metal such as EDGUY, SAXON, WARBRINGER and CRASHDIET. The alum contains a great selection of songs that encompass talented and passionate musicianship.

For example, their belting single Overdrive contains SAXON like guitar riffs and solos that build up the song fantastically to an immense climax. The rapid, sweeping verses provides the perfect rhythm to headbang to and windmill your glossy hair to. The chorus is full of fist pumping energy which is something the band are no stranger to.

Into The Light starts off in a grand measure which helps it build up to a mighty track; it contains great guitar work and dominant vocals. The chorus will be singing along to in venues across the country and the world.

Curse Of Olympus is as mighty as its title; the lyrics about the strong Greek gods paired with the excellent musicianship provides the listener with a powerful track that will go down as a Heavy Metal anthem. It has brutal strength combined with a great melody.

It closes perfectly with the title track. From the word go, it gives the listener a powerful experience; from the marching beat leading up the memorable chorus to the old school guitar riffs, this track it worth the wait. It gives you one last chance to experience the glory of this record yet leaves you anticipating for more.

Final thoughts of the record? A Melodic Metal masterpiece and not just for metal heads, it is an ideal record if you are looking for something different to add to your record collection or if you are keen to dip your toes into the metal pool. Either way, this record and band are highly recommended.


The Calling is out now. Check out Primitai on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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