ALBUM REVIEW: Lordi – Sexorcism

Sexorcism-LordiFinnish metal monsters LORDI are back and they come fourth with their latest weapon of mass destruction; it is their ninth studio album Sexorcism and it will cause untold misery and despair to whoever dares listen to this specimen. In terms of when these monsters are concerned, that is a huge compliment.

Whether you deeply loathe them or absolutely head over the heels for them, LORDI have been making a huge impact in the hard rock and metal scene. They have even marked their large monster prints in Eurovisionhistory. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade and bit, it is a well-known fact they were Eurovision winners in 2006 with their anthem Hard Rock HallelujahSexorcism upholds their monstrous reputation and strong musicianship in the community.

Sexorcism makes a worthy addition to this powerful discography, it has some truly excellent hard rock songs that are sure to go down well with fans and new listeners. Like their previous releases, Sexorcism contains tight, solid hard rock goodness. The songs are very well produced and placed together with evident talent from the monsters. For example, with single Your Tongue’s Got The Cat; already the title of the song screams LORDI with it’s quirky darkness. The line “Hell stole my baby” will be chanted back to the band in venues across the world as well as the rest of the strong and catchy chorus. This is one of the softer LORDI melodies on this record, well soft in their vocab anyway.

Polterchrist is also another fine one from LORDI; it takes you back to Blood Red Sandman with it’s haunted house like theme at the beginning of the tune and before the last chorus. The bouncy melody concocted by the slick guitar work, dominant vocals, upbeat keyboard melodies and thunderous drums provides a treat for the ears. Now most hard rock fans absolutely love a track they can sway their hips to or head bang along to; the track Slashion Model Girls allows the listener to do just that. From the word go, one can imagine dancing to this track turned up loud and stomping their feet to the pounding rhythm. The memorable chorus will be in the heads of listeners and fans for days on end.

It ends on a true LORDI note with the track Hot & Satanned; it’s a brilliant hard rock tune with a bouncy rhythm and tight melody that marks the end yet leaves you wanting more. Sexorcism overall is a great piece that should be bought with caution and care: not for the feint hearted or easily offended.

Rating: 8/10

Sexorcism is out now via AFM Records.

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