ALBUM REVIEW: Powerwolf – The Sacrament Of Sin

1000x1000This band doesn’t need an introduction. Over the past decade and a bit, German force POWERWOLF have received high praise from fans and critics alike. They are hailed as one of Germany’s most successful metal bands and now POWERWOLF are back and stronger than ever before with a brand-new album, The Sacrament of Sin, available from 20th July via Napalm Records.

The Sacrament Of Sin contains the trademark POWERWOLF sound as well as some bold twists, which is probably the reason why it is being described as their boldest album to date. After listening to this record, it is evident that these bold twists have more than worked in the band’s favour.

The album begins with two mighty singles, Fire And Forgive and Demons Are A Girls Best Friend,and for obvious reasons they are becoming firm favourites with fans and critics alike. Fire And Forgive is a powerful opening number and an incredible introduction to the record. The song’s dominating melody and majestic beat are enough to keep the listener enticed and it also leaves the listener wanting more so it makes an excellent opening track. Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend provides some beats that will bring out the inner sex beast within us all, as the track’s great rhythm and brilliant melody makes the listener want to dance regardless of location.

The rest of the album contains an eclectic selection of songs that will go down well with fans of the band and the metal community, particularly those fans of the more melodic side of metal. Incense And Iron is one of the tracks that highlights just how bold this new album is. After the first listen, the track stays in your head for weeks on end, as the bouncy rhythm, folky vibes and catchy chorus will see that it stays firmly planted in your head for a long time. It will make the listener stop what they are doing and head bang to the springy beat whilst simultaneously punching the air.

There is always a first time for everything and in the case of POWERWOLF,it’s their first attempt at a ballad, titled Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone. The song is stooped in passion and brings out that inner desire for intimacy with someone. The song contains a beautiful sweeping melody, providing a more than worthy accompaniment for Attila’s strong vocal work. With this ballad being a strong highlight, it is more than safe to say that the risky venture was a great success. Nighttime Rebel takes us back to the classic roots of POWERWOLF‘s sound. The melody has punch and drive as It provides the motivation to kick your ass out of bed with enough energy to stare down even the hardest of days. The energy produced during the song is an easy highlight of the album and the best example of POWERWOLF firing on all cylinders.

The Sacrament of Sin is not an album to play at low volume, instead it is one that demands your undivided attention. You need to crank up the volume and play this record loud and proud. Die hard fans will be far from disappointed and new fans will be welcoming with open arms. POWERWOLF are the golden boys of German power metal and with good reason, The Sacrament Of Sin will be a welcome addition for both new fans and long time listeners.

Rating: 8/10

Sacrament Of Sin is set for release on July 20th via Napalm Records.

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