ALBUM REVIEW: Arion – Life Is Not Beautiful

Life-Is-Not-Beautiful-ArionIt’s a well-known fact that Finland are one of the best breeding grounds for symphonic and power metal bands. Household names such as NIGHTWISHSONATA ARCTICA and STRATOVARIUS have come from this holy land. And if this upcoming release from ARION is anything to go by, then their place in the Finnish metal hall of fame is secured. ARION‘s latest release Life Is Not Beautiful is carefully crafted and marks independence for this Finnish power house. They had valuable guidance from symphonic/power metal legends for their first release, Matias Kupiainen (STRATOVARIUS) and Jani Liimatainen (THE DARK ELEMENT,CAIN’S OFFERING), to name a couple, but now ARION are now ready to progress to their next step of developing their sound.

Ever been so enthralled with something to the point where you can’t look away or can’t get enough of? Life Is Not Beautiful has that effect on a listener. From the first few moments of opening instrumental The End Of The Fall, the listener is mesmerised. The majestic tones of The End Of The Fall have the listener in suspense and anticipation within the first minute. There is a remarkable selection of songs across the album that will suit a wide variety of tastes. Whether it’s the beautiful sounds of ballad Through Your Falling Tears or the energetic sounds of At The Break Of Dawn, they all behold the same power to keep the listener glued to the spot. This album will only heighten any fan’s addiction for top class symphonic metal.

It’s evident within the first few notes of No One Stands In My Way that it has a special supremacy that has the listener hooked. The influence comes in early through the dominant riffs, finger blistering solos and strong vocal works. The fantastic melody is one that listeners will not be forgetting any time soon. This song isn’t just a great opener, it’s the best way to describe the feeling the album gives the listener. Expect the jaw to literally drop when the first few notes of Unforgivable. The powerful melody makes anyone feel invincible and ready to take on the world. The grand guitar riffs/solos, impeccable vocal work and the musical arrangement fuse together to create an impactful melody. This track must be listened to loud and proud.

The rapid beats of Punish You makes the listener want to grab the air and headbang. It doesn’t matter where they are situated at this moment in time, the track has the power to make the listener to what it commands. The pumping verses and sweeping choruses help the listener feel empowered. Like there is no stopping them achieving greatness. The closing track Last One Falls provides a beautiful conclusion. One that marks the end of a great quest yet encourages the need for more and another round. This song is stunning and fantastically placed together with spectacular piano work, great guitar riffs and dominant vocals.

Life Is Not Beautiful is selection of highly powerful material. Those who dare listen, be aware that it has the power to ensure that nothing else is being listened to and that it will blow minds away.

Rating: 8/10

Life Is Not Beautiful is out now via AFM Records. 

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