ALBUM REVIEW: Sirenia – Arcane Astral Aeons

Sirenia_Albumcover_Arcane_Astral_AeonsIt’s been nearly a decade since music mastermind Morten Eland formed Norwegian symphonic/goth metal outfit SIRENIA. After years of line-up changes, SIRENIA appear to have their most solid line up to date. Their latest release, Arcane Astral Aeons, showcases the talent of this concrete ensemble and a strong portfolio of divine melodies.

With an opening track like In Styx Embrace, it would be impossible not to be enticed. This majestic opening track provides two powerful tools that capture the ears and heart instantly. Those elements are the stately orchestral arrangements and Emmanuelle Zoldan’s impeccable vocal work. The opening song sends chills and shivers all through the body. Like the rest of the album tracks, it’s not even afraid to display some black metal elements. This provides the perfect build up for Into The Night. It provides us with the beautifully melodic Into The Night, this also shows us another aspect of Zoldan‘s versatile vocal ability.

As mentioned before, the album displays a strong collection of stunning melodies. This eclectic selection includes the likes of bombastic Queen Of Lies, the catchy single Love Like Cyanide and the beautiful French melody Nos Heures Sombres. The opening of Desire is fantastic, the melodies on the synthesisers are memorable and invite you in. Well the track is called Desire after all so they achieved that effect perfectly. Throughout the song there is a sci-fi feel from the synthesiser melody and this is a brilliantly memorable song. Be prepared to have the melody in your head for days. The indents of the French language in a few lines band together well with the retro sounding music arrangements in order to provide that unexpected twist.

The first thing to grab your attention in the track The Voyage is the marching beat and gallant guitar work. These are two key aspects that will make any listener feel like they are heading off on an adventure. There is a sense of excitement about this track about heading into the unknown and to a path of endless possibilities. Meanwhile there is a sense of danger within the track as there is uncertainty on what obstacles may disrupt your journey. The sweeping, marching rhythm with the musical arrangements and brilliant vocals help capture the concept of an adventurous journey. Particularly during the bridge of the song with the calm before the storm type vibe; the soft melody from the violins and the siren-esque vocals from the choirs capture this essence perfectly.

If you were to look up the term symphonic metal in the dictionary then the song The Twilight Hour would appear on the page. It’s a regal melody consisting of dramatic orchestral arrangements and operatic vocals. Alongside the guitars, drums and keyboards; they team together to create this monster track. This is one of the best symphonic metal songs that has been produced. It ends on a warming glow in the form of the track Glowing Embers, it provides one more blast of this stunning metal before it comes to an end. It does still leave you wanting more.

To sum up this remarkable tale, Arcane Astral Aeons is an album worth buying. For fans SIRENIA, this is worth the two year wait. For fans of symphonic metal looking for something different then they needn’t look no further.

Rating: 9/10

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